Monday, February 29, 2016

Black Lace-Up is the New Black

Black lace-ups: Like them. Love them. Buy more pairs than you need because, seriously, have you been on Instagram lately? My obsession with lace-up all came down to the one insta above {here} from BC Footwear about a month ago and the craze hasn't stopped. Social Media Marketing is a blessing not a curse people. After teasing us for a solid 6 weeks, they finally released {these babies} online a few days ago and the world said thank you. Or at least my feet, and my bank account seeing as they're only $70. (Right?!)

If you're trying to get that effortless cool-girl look this is it. The lace-ups are killing it with their mix of chic, gladiator, rocker, and even a touch of femininity in the perfectly undone ankle ties. Honestly, there's everything to love about these. Easily dress them up for the office with a white button down and rolled trousers and carry them into happy hour with just as much style. I'm all about finding ways to stretch black into the warmer seasons and all about finding reasons to buy a new pair of killer black shoes. Move over espadrilles. There's a chicer spring shoe in town. This $48 TopShop pair {here} is currently competing for my favorite but these flats {here} are also calling my name. Click the link below to shop the shoes below and make your wallet, feet and insta feed happy!

Now perfecting that perfect wraparound tie is the next challenge... 
What's your verdict on black lace-ups? Are you sold?