Monday, August 3, 2015

Blogger Postcard Travels Linkup: Ciao from Italy!

Hi guys! And greetings from the Blogger Postcard Travels Linkup! Bloggers have been doing traveling to some amazing places this summer so why not show them off?! I'm actually writing today from Rome, Italy! Actually, I've spent the whole summer living and working abroad in Italy, Milan to be exact! It's been a crazy adventure but so very worth it! Italy is everything I imagined it to be: amazing pasta, fast Vespas, beautiful buildings, slow waiters and gorgeous suits and ragazzi! But it is also so much more: incredible hospitality, views that will take your breath away, gelato that will give you life again and a constant sense of humble yet passionate Italian pride.

I've gotten the chance to do some super cool things and see coastlines that I will be dreaming about for years so today I'm happy to give you a few snapshots from my summer in the most beautiful country on earth!

Verona, Italy: Romeo, oh Romeo! Yes I shamelessly had to take a photo on Juliet's balcony!

Lake Como, Italy: There's a reason this place was just voted the "most beautiful lake in the world"!

Lago Maggiore: With Switzerland in the background, this is one of the prettier views I've ever seen

Cinque Terre, Italy: The colors, the coast, the pesto oh my!

Venice, Italy: Can it really be called a trip to Italy without seeing Venice? Wow, this place was as beautiful as I had imagined!

Burano, Italy: This place looks like a fairy tale, a very colorful fairy tale. Now ranked on my top 5 places to visit in the world!

Florence, Italy: I could have spent all day in the Uffizi Gallery. Oh wait, I did..

And just being in the city of Milan I've gotten to do some pretty neat things! I've visited the World Expo, eaten at Wes Anderson's cafe Bar Luce, visited the Missoni exhibit and of course climbed on top of the Duomo!

Anna Akhmatova had it right when she said, "Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life". I know this place will be with me long after I leave and I know that it will be waiting for me patiently till I return!

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Italy looks absolutely stunning :)


  2. I found this blog through the Southwestern Prepster, and I'm so excited to take a look around! This linkup was such a great idea.

    Kendall //