Monday, July 27, 2015

Tell Me Something Good!

I loved starting off last week with a happy up-beat bang so why not do it again? Good news, good news, read all about it! I started off this week a bit earlier than usual but it was for the best reason. Want to know why?!  Well keep reading to find out... and then spill all of your good news too! I wanna hear! So my Monday good news? Well...

1. // This weekend I spent my days slowly roaming the streets of Milan and I got the chance to really take it all in and enjoy a slow weekend in the city. One last time, eep!

2. // I picked up a killer Pomikaki bag for only $40. The Milan sale season is no joke! Talk about a steal!

3. // I tasted the world's BEST pizza on Sunday. Well, it's not on any official lists but it's on mine and that definitely counts for something!

4. // Beautiful weather is good news! A week with a drop in temperature and a hint of a breeze is something to celebrate!

5. // Oh and did I mention, MY BROTHER IS HERE! My brother arrived in Italy this morning and it still hasn't truly hit me! Getting the chance to live in Milan for the summer, let alone getting the chance to travel with my brother in Europe, is something I never ever dreamed would happen. I'm so so happy and very grateful for this experience of a lifetime. 

So what's your good news? Happy weekends or big plans coming up? In the words of Mia Thermopolis, "shoot"!


  1. Your life sounds so exciting!! My sister will be home this Saturday, and she'll be staying with us for a few weeks! Hope you have a fabulous day!
    xo, Syd

    1. Oh well thank you! I promise after this summer it all goes back to normal! That's so exciting! I always love the chance to be around family and a few weeks sounds great! Congrats!!!