Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Look Out for J.Crew Mercantile!

Well have you heard? J. Crew is rolling out a new brand in the next few weeks under the name J. Crew Mercantile and it's making quite a buzz. While this new line seems to be hushed hushed, but a still not-very-well-kept secret, it isn't a surprise to many that J. Crew has had a lot of troubles recently. Their sales have declined, they've recently fired their head womenswear designer and overall they've gotten a lot of backlash from their customer for pricier pieces that have moved away from their classic staples that made them so popular.

Hopefully, J. Crew Mercantile is here to fix that! First off, they aren't rolling out a completely new entity. Mercantile is a rebranding of their Factory stores whose prices are almost 50% of J. Crew's already. {Pst. They're having 60% off right now so check it out here!} They're trying to place more focus on these stores, rather than seeming like last seasons hand me downs. The new Mercantile stores will focus on the same preppy pieces but with a cheaper price point, think Zara.

I was personally a fan of the edgier J. Crew designs. I applauded their move from matching cardigan sets and pencil skirts to slouchy embellished knits with bright tailored ankle pants (and still some great pencil skirts)! The company has started to feel more fresh and modern to me but still within a reachable price range that inevitably included a few splurges. But hey, if this means those classic A-line skirts are going to be even cheaper then I'm fine having my cake and eating it too!

P.S! J.Crew Factory is having 60% off Everything right now! Shop some of my favorites below!

What do you think of the new J. Crew Mercantile plans?

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  1. I can't wait for this!! Love J. Crew

    -Liz www.thecleaneatingcouple.com