Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Get the Cool Girl Look: Silk Scarves


If there's one trend I've seen in Europe that I can seriously get behind, it's scarves. Silk scarves are back people. And with a vengeance. A simple, chic, and ultra-cool vengeance. Leandra Medine over at Man Repeller has also been rocking silk scarves in creative ways for a while now and everyone has just started to get the bright silky picture. I'm lovin' it. Throw one of these scarves over an otherwise simple outfit and you're ready for NYFW, or even better Milan Fashion Week (shoutout to the temporary hometown)! 

Everyone has a few of these square scarves tucked in the back of their closet, or their mom sure does, but with absolutely no clue how to wear it. Well, here's your guide and it's simple: Any way you can imagine. Around your neck and over a striped shirt, tied on your wrist, wrapped around the strap of a handbag, substituted for a belt, go wild. Think monochrome or mismatching patterns. Seriously everything goes. 

{1, 2, 3, 4}

I'm dying over this trend and if I bring one thing back from Italy I'm determined for it to be a bright silk scarf. Vintage scarves are all over the Milano markets every weekend and not to mention in so many beautiful store windows. So while you might not be in Europe, you're still in luck. I've got link after link here so you can snatch one up yourself! 

If you're looking to spend a splurge on one of these timeless accessories head to sites like {My Theresa}, {Liberty London} or go for the gold {Hermes}! Want something extra fun? I'm practically drooling over this square scarf {here} by Cleo. They have the spunkiest prints and are not completely unreasonably priced! See the site {here}! Otherwise... you can get the same look with a $22 satin scarf from ASOS {here}! Gosh, I love that store. Praise!

Another tip: scout your local vintage stores and summer marketplaces. Look around and you can find one-of-a-kind scarves at prices that should be considered theft! Now, shameless plug for my actual hometown of Lexington's {Street Scene} and Memphis' {Flashback}! 

So what are you thinking of this style? Have the guts to do it? If you've written a post previously showing your styling of one of these ultra-cool silk scarves link it below, I'd love to see! Go scarves!

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