Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentines Gifts for your Girlfriends!

I'll admit I'm a fan of Valentines Day. I'm not particularly one who goes all out with expensive dinners, elaborate gifts and grand bouquets but I like the sweet thoughtful gifts to your friends, family and (possibly boyfriends?). With all the pink, red and heart-adorned items around this week how could you not love it?! Personally, I'm a big fan of the idea of Gal-entines day. I mean really, let's hear it for the girls. A day to celebrate your favorite chicas is always a good day! I put together some VDay themed gifts especially for the girls to show a little reminder of appreciation and love for your best friends. 

If you're not giving out gifts (hello college life) consider a happy card or handwritten note. J.Crew has {this option}. My roommate has {adorable cards} on Etsy! For those thinking of a little surprise Ban.do has it on lockdown from this $10 {heart necklace} to a peppy heart printed {umbrella}. Stepping on up in the price range there's this adorable {hot pink crossbody} or some Hepburn-esque {tassel earrings}! Click the image above to see all of the links for these festive items!

Whatever your plans are for Valentines Day or Gal-entines day remember to show the ones you care about some love! What gift would you die to have for Valentines day?!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

#FridayFinds: Links I'm Loving

Hey guys! I hope you're enjoying this final day of the working week and when I say working week, I really mean it. For me, this week was especially full of homework, projects and meetings but I definitely strive in this fast paced (and semi stressful) environment. Honestly, I know that the nerd in me will miss these weeks after I graduate. I'm thankful that I'm able to recognize the environment that I work best in because I know it's really going to help me out in the future with my job search! (Ahh!) Luckily, I've got some time before I need to start looking so for now I'm going to enjoy a weekend of friends, new Memphis restaurants and plenty of sleep! Click through these links below to ease into your weekend!

{Link} // The image above comes from this article on the Chronicle Books Blog. Specifically, it highlights some of the images in the new Pantone on Fashion book by Leatrice Eiseman and E.P. Cutler. It really has me itching to go grab the book now and I promise you you'll be searching for the book too after you see it!

{Link} // The Everygirl is definitely on my list of daily reads. This week they featured an article that highlighted their top home tours in 2014. Check out these beautiful photos for some home inspiration. I'm practically drooling!

{Link} // You know those mornings where you literally have nothing to wear?! I seem to have this struggle at least every other week so usually flip to the {Looks we Love} section on the J.Crew page for some inspiration on a new outfit to put together. I stumbled across this website earlier this week and it's my new inspiration go-to. This page has the ultimate cool girl chic style that I envy and I can't wait to recreate some of these outfits!

{Link} // Right now if I won the lottery the first thing I would do would be to buy these ear jackets. I'm loving this trend and this pair is drop dead gorgeous. Luckily, {Baublebar} has some super affordable cuffs! For now, I'll just be lusting after the Plukka pair!

{Link} // So many beautiful posts of beautiful desks have been scrolling down my Pinterest feed lately. You should know that I'm a sucker for a great desk set up so I just had to make a new board to compile all of them! Go ahead and follow me on {Pinterest} if you already haven't!

How have your weeks been?! Oh, and happy Friday everyone!

I'm in Love with an Etsy Store!


Sorry (but not really sorry) for the second Etsy post of the week but I just can't get enough! I'm really an addict! I just love scrolling through all of the vintage and homemade items plus I definitely support buying from local businesses so really, what's not to love? Earlier this week while I was doing some late night surfing I stumbled across this fantastic store! It's an Etsy shop called {ThaiHandbags} and they have some of the brightest purses, pouches and totes filled with personality!

I mean really, check out this killer {cross body bag} or this beaded {cross body pouch}! I've also got my eyes set on {this wallet} and this super cool {tassel keychain} to spice up my keys! And the best part, they're super reasonably priced for these on-of-a-kind items! These are some of the coolest things I've seen in a while and trust me, I do my fair share of internet perusing! These bags are reminding me of warm temps and sunny skies! I've really got to have one (who am I kidding - multiple) of these bags, wallets and keychains!

Seriously, check it out!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Mid-Week Puppy Pick-Me-Up!

Whew it's been a busy week but luckily we've made it to hump day! For a little mid-week inspiration I'm turning to these adorable little guys to get me through! We all need a puppy break every once in a while, even if it is via internet! If you just can't get enough from these pictures head on over to my secret weapon, {the puppy cam}! I keep this link bookmarked on my computer and whenever I'm in need of a five minute break between homework I just stare at these little pups! I'm telling you, it can cure those Wednesday blues! I hope these photos put a smile on your face today!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Adorable Valentines Day Cards from SignetSealed!

Well guys, Valentines Day is right around the corner! While my preparations don't include romantic reservations for two, I am in the process of stocking up on the perfect Valentines Day cards for my friends. I'm a sucker for a hand written note and VDay is a great opportunity to sit down and write a message to the best gals in my life! Lucky for me, there is a stationary store just a few feet from my bedroom door!

My roommate recently opened up the cutest Etsy shop called {SignetSealed}! Sarah is an absolute genius with hand lettering and heartwarming doodles. Her cards are truly one-of-a-kind and perfect for February 14th! I'm dying over this Peas & Carrots card {here}! In addition to cards she also has hand drawn prints and even offers custom designs for super reasonable prices!

Head on over to her shop {SignetSealed} and pick up some unique Valentines Day cards just in time for the special chicas (and chicos) in your life! I know I will be!

Monday, February 2, 2015

January Favorites!

I really can't believe that I'm already writing about my January favorites! It's crazy to think how fast 2015 is already flying by! Then again, time flies when you're having fun right?! January started with a break and ended back in the grind of school but I really can't complain. The break was nice but it's good to be back in a groove. My January favorites really show how I'm back into this routine grind hitting of some new and some old favorite go-tos. You know I always love a good go-to!

J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket // {Here} This is the ultimate cool girl jacket and I'm glad I made the plunge last year to invest in it. For one, it goes with absolutely everything and two, it's perfect for that brisk temperature that's too chilly for a sweater but not quite cold enough for a coat. It's the quintessential transition piece and I know it's already going to be one of my spring staples. I'm eyeing the black version!

Gap High Rise Skinny Jeans // {Here} I took a much needed trip to Gap over winter break to invest in some new jeans (sans unintentional holes and not completely stretched) that were much needed. I scored a few pairs on crazy-sale and these were my absolute favorite snatch. They're a higher rise version than I've ever had as well as skinny verses straight but I've been converted. The proportion is perfect with the rise and makes my 5'4" legs look a few inches longer (praise the jeans Gods), the darker wash is super flattering and the leg is fitted but not overly tight. These jeans and my field jacket have been my January uniform and I'm not regretting it one bit.

New Yorker Calendar // {Here} On one of my many trips to Joseph Beth over break I picked up this calendar to keep on my wall at school. I always have an agenda but this has bumped my organization up ten-fold. I keep it by my mirror and scan the week as I'm getting dressed. The classic illustrations also brighten up my room! If you haven't gotten a yearly calendar, get on it!

Clarisonic Mia 2 // {Here} This is truly a miracle product. I had wanted one of these for a while but could never justify paying so much for it. Thankfully I was gifted one during Christmas (thanks Mom) and it is life changing. Not lying. Within a week I had seen a change in my skin and now after three weeks I swear my face has completely transformed. I use it every night before I go to bed and it had completely cleared up any deep blemishes, brightened my skin and softened it without changing any other part of my routine. Trust me, this is worth the investment!

Essie Nail Care // {Here} Yes, I love to have my nails painted and I fell in love with two perfect colors over break {here} and {here}. However, after battling the inevitable chippage and keeping up a shiny top coat I decided to take a break and give my nails some breathing time. I 've been using this base coat about two times a week just to clear up my dry, overpainted, nails and strengthen them in their much needed off-season. Treat your nails to a break too!

What was on your list of January favorites?