Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Unplug and Engage!


It's crazy how connected I am we all are to technology. I sat back the other day to calculate how much I use any form of technology throughout the week and (without counting my phone) I would honestly say that it is easily 40 hours a week. Now, if I were to add the time on my phone, this number would be even more outrageous and pretty frightening. The benefits of the internet, social media and messaging are amazing for staying connected however there are downsides that a lot of times we fail to acknowledge. I know that I am definitely guilting of missing the little moments around me because I'm desperate to grab my phone and snap a picture. This year I'm working on making a change, stepping back from the screen and making a sound effort to unplug.

I'm a self-proclaimed Instagram addict. I love challenging myself to see the "little things" in my day, and I will always get a kick out of a good photo; however, there is beauty in wholly engaging in the moment and there's also a refreshing respite in keeping a little bit of mystery. I'm not saying to completely fall off the face of the earth, but not everyone needs to know every great moment in your life and every great moment in your life doesn't need to be photographed. 

I definitely have a subconscious habit of picking up my phone and scrolling through Facebook, Pinterest, you name it. Half the time I'm not even looking at the photos, it's simply a time filler. Walking to class I know I'm glued to my phone answering emails and text messages and doing other mind-numbing and truly insignificant things. I know that I need to take more time to engage in the things around me and clear my mind without the clutter of messages, notifications and bright screens so I've challenged myself to make little changes.

There are so many little things that we can do to take a step away from our electronics. Personally, I need to make a few times in my day (key point: "a few") that I sit down to answer emails instead of constantly checking for that little red bubble to show up on my phone. I need to acknowledge when it's necessary to close my laptop and skip out on streaming music to immerse myself fully in homework. I need to chose to schedule a movie night with friends and popcorn instead of binge-watching Netflix alone and I need to leave my phone at home when you go to dinner and to keep my phone in my backpack as I walk to class. Heading out for the day doesn't always need to require keys, a wallet and a phone. Engage in the day and immerse yourself in the people, places and memories around you. We'll all be thankful for it down the line. 

What do you think about unplugging? 


  1. Very true! I've been so attached to the idea that I don't have time for everything so instead of enjoying a walk to class I'm answering emails or going over my feeds! I've been working on carrying a book with me or taking little walks without my phone/with my phone turned off.
    xx, Mikkaela
    Southwestern Prepster

    1. A book is a great way to combat stalling with a phone!