Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Best Kind of Party is a Blog Party!

Yesterday I got the absolute best box of goodies from Jamie over at Blog Party. Fruity Custards, 45 Wall Designs Notebook, A Rome city guide and BareMinerals oh my! There were so many adorable things in this little box so I just had to share! So what is this all for?

Jamie runs Blog Party. Ever heard of it? Well, you should! It's a meet-up, hosted in various places, for bloggers of all kinds to come together, meet and mingle! The parties are great opportunities for companies to connect with bloggers and advertise to global audiences! To put it in their words it's, "Just a casual meet-up with cool people; sounds like a good party to us!" If you want to learn more head over to their website {The Blog Party} or checkout some of their snaps from their latest get together {here}! Way too cool!

Follow {@theblogparty} on Instagram and you could score one of these awesome goodie boxes! Now I'm just crossing my fingers that a party will make it's way down to Memphis!

Thanks Jamie!


  1. Ahh, so cute! The lip gloss and that notebook are so adorable, and I love that there was a Rome city guide - how cool!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

    1. Check out the Blog Party Instagram account for chances to win a box!!