Thursday, January 22, 2015

Get it Done! To-Do Lists!

Whew, has this year already started off with a bang! Meetings from week one, new books to get, forms to turn in and emails to send have created a hectic frenzy of things to do. In order to combat the constant go-go-go I use lists. So many lists! I have a list by my bed for the things I remember I need to do as I'm falling asleep. I keep a list of my homework, a list of my meeting times and a constantly growing grocery list of healthy snacks that I never get around to picking up. With so many things to be constantly ticking off it's a must to have some personality in your to-do lists and I'm a definite believer that you can never have too many!

There are great options for to-do lists on Etsy with all price ranges and customizable options! Then there is always my favorite, Rifle Paper Company as well! For Christmas, I received a Rifle Paper Co. Weekly List {here} and it's amazing! It consolidates my pile of lists into one little place and helps me keep track of the whole week with one view! Also, if you're looking for a low-cost option there are a ton of options for printables online like this rad monster to-do list {here}! Click {here} to see the links to all of the adorable lists in the image above!

So add this to your to-do list - get cute lists! Are you a list person? 

1 comment:

  1. Cute to-do lists are not only cute, but they make crossing something off of it so much more fun!
    xx, Mikkaela