Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Emily and Dot Turns 1!!!

Well can you believe it? It's officially been 1 year that I've been posting on this little corner of the web! For me, it's pretty hard to believe! It feels like just yesterday that I opened up my computer and started typing away hoping for a new kind of outlet. I mentioned in my first post that I've never been someone who was consistent at journaling or any kind of periodic reflection but somehow E&D has made it 365 days and I'm pretty proud.

It's been great getting to work with some fantastic companies, I've gotten to know and collaborate with an amazing community of bloggers and I have readers that make my day with every instagram like and post comment! I'm so happy where E&D has gone over the past year and I can't wait to see how my blog evolves!

To celebrate this day I picked out a few random posts that I thought highlighted the different aspects to Emily and Dot. Of course I had to start from my first post first two posts (E&D essentially started twice) and ended with my recent fashion posts that I finally got rolling! There has been everything in between from writing about unplugging {here}, a mid-week puppy break {here} and even working with Modcloth {here}! Check out some of my favorites below and, once again, a big big thank you to everyone that has stuck around! I'm thankful for your readership, your support and your inspiration! You guys are the best!

{So I'm Starting a Blog} // It all started from a very cheesy post as a New Year's resolution. Beware of the cheese. 

{An End to the Hiatus - I Need Blogging} // After a break from posting I found my way back and got E&D rolling again. This post sums up a lot of the reasons why I continue to blog!

{Emily's Guide to Creating a Custom Pinterest Hover Button} // The first blogger guide turned out to be a great success. It's been an adventure in the coding world but I've learned a lot and I'm happy to help!

{Emily's Guide to Centering Your Blog Header} // After seeing a lot of bloggers with headers left-aligned I figured I'd help some sistahs out! Look out for more coding help to come!

{See my Interview with Rachel from Seashells + Sparkle} // It was super fun getting to do this interview with Rachel! I'm always happy to see that people keep up with my little ramblings and I really loved her questions!

{The Liebster Award} // This award was making its way around the blogger world and I was excited when it landed on me! These awards are such a great way to connect with new bloggers!

{Find Your Sunset} // This post captures my mantra on paying attention to the little things around you

{Closure: It's All About You} // Whoo! Got personal on E&D! The blog has been a good outlet for showcasing my favorite fashion trends at the moment but also for processing events in my life. 

{My Go-To's with Marley Lilly} // I finally got an outfit post up! Thankful for the chance to get to work with Marley Lilly! I've already worn this scarf too many times to count!

{Keeping it Simple with Free People} // I loved the background of this post and I can't wait to keep rolling out more outfit posts in the future! 

Thank you, thank you to everyone and everything that has made 365 days possible! Here's to more to come!


  1. Happy 1 Year! Can't wait to see where your blog goes :)


  2. Yay! Emily! Congrats on your blogaversary!! So proud of all you've accomplished this year, and it's too funny that we literally started blogging one right after the other. I've loved following along with Emily and Dot. It's been an incredible year, and I CANNOT wait to see all you accomplish in 2015!
    xx- Cathleen