Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Here's to Treating Every Day Like Christmas!

 I mentioned in a post {here} about how Christmas always sneaks up on me now that I'm at school and I'm not constantly surrounded by garland, string lights and carols. I've been trying to get into the Christmas spirit while I've been at home by catching up on all of my favorite holiday movies. I recently watched Elf (one of my all-time favorite movies ever) and it reminded me of something really important.

Amidst laughing about syrup covered pancakes or angry elves, there is a short scene about the code of the elves and the number one rule is: Treat every day like Christmas. There's something to be said here and it is this. Getting into the Christmas spirit and preparing for this holiday shouldn't' be as stressful as it inevitably turns out to be. Rushing around trying to find those last minute gifts {hope I can help with this post!}, throwing the baked apples in the oven and scouring the house to find one more bow to throw on top of a gift can really make us forget the real purpose of this holiday. Getting into the Christmas spirit isn't about cramming all of your last minute movies or listening to Jingle Bell Rock for the 300th time, it should realistically mean simply taking a breath and enjoying this time around family and friends. Yes, Christmas is just another day. But it is so special because everyone is relaxed, happy, festive, smiling, full with calories they didn't even try to count, warm off of age-old hot chocolate recipes and giddy because they finally got that present they've been eyeing all year. Christmas is about simply enjoying the day and treating every day like Christmas is about constantly looking for ways to give, things to be happy about and moments to celebrate.

So the conclusion that I've come to. I need to chill with my Christmas-cramming and understand that getting into the spirit isn't about making sure I remember all of the words to Feliz Navidad. It's appreciating the family and friends around me, the fact that we have gifts wrapped under the tree and making sure that I get the most out of my time at home. I really should take my life lessons from Will Ferrell more often.

Here's to treating everyday like Christmas!

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  1. I would love to make everyday feel like Christmas! I wish everyay could be like Christmas...lol I have to say it's my fav time of the year(:

    & thanks for the hosting this giveaway! This bracelet is amazing...to be honest I could never really get into monograms but I love this haha it's so dainty and cute (:

    Happy Holidays!

    1. I forgot to say what I would wear! haha I would probably wear something simple and then pile on gold accent pieces (: