Friday, December 19, 2014

#FridayFinds: Holiday Gems

Finals definitely took a toll on everything including my sleep schedule, regular eating, (overall sanity), and it also took a toll on E&D! In order to make up for dropping the ball, this Friday Find is extra-packed with my favorite holiday links!

These little guys are absolutely adorable! I squealed the whole time reading this!

Bubba Watson is at it again. This video is my nerdy holiday guilty pleasure!

Hey, Officer! I'm happy to be pulled over!

Home Alone, The Santa Clause, A Christmas Story! I didn't know any of these! Great Christmas trivia to have in your pocket!

Last but not least, a minion video! Though they're definitely silly, the minion videos never fail to make me smile. Enjoy this battling of carols!

Which one is your favorite? Have you seen any other holiday gems floating around the web?!

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