Friday, November 28, 2014

This Year's Christmas List!

So what's a better time than Black Friday to post my Christmas List. To preface this extensive list, this is much, much more than I would ever expect to be under the tree but it's the list of all the things I've accumulated on my want-list over the past few months. This is definitely the most random list that I've ever had but each item has it's reasons! All product links can be found {at my Polyvore account here}!! Without further ado, and in no particular order, I'll dive right in!

1. Quality leather sandals: With a extended trip to Milan coming up this summer as well as my focus on really investing in shoes these three are next on my shopping list. They each three would be staple shoes that go with any and everything and I'm particularly eyeing those silver Seychelles. The thick heel and the neutral color are a safe bet with a twist.

2. Evelyn Henson Prints: I saw these prints a while ago and I'm loving that her store is extending cities. These map prints of Lexington and Memphis have my heart in a nostalgic way and would be perfect for any room! If only she had an Antwerp print!

3. J.Crew Barrettes: I love J.Crew's hair accessories. I have collected a few tortoise shell hairbands that I use constantly but I'm in need of some barrettes with a currently growing bob and these are perfect!

4. Olay Skin Brush: One of my roommates has a Clarisonic that she absolutely swears by but I see the price to be utterly unreasonable. I've searched around for other brushes that have the same basic function, without moisturizing pads that would do the trick. The Olay brush has great reviews and is only a fraction of the price of the Clarisonic. My face is begging for this under the tree!

5. Compact Point & Shoot Camera: I have a SLR Canon that I invested in during high school and it was one of my best purchases I've ever made. While it's a great camera, the sheer size has it's drawbacks. Especially when traveling abroad this summer, I wished I had a smaller more portable camera for those times that I had a tiny cross body or needed to be able to sneakily take a photo in a no-photozone cathedral! This would be perfect for nights on the town, more active adventures and the ability to throw in a small purse!

6. Small Crossbody: I'm in need of a good-quality purse to carry around with me everywhere. I love these simple structured cross body purses from Kate Spade and Fossil. I'm looking for a bright pink or turqoise color or a neutral gold!

7. Camp Socks: These socks are from LandsEnd and have great reviews but I'm also a fan of my tried and true Camp socks from J.Crew. Who said getting socks for Christmas was such a bad thing? I love these around the house and tucked into boots to be more cozy and warm!

8. Dave Matthews Antwerp Print: This print has all of my favorite things. It's the poster for the DMB concert in Antwerp a few years back and it has so many memorable symbols of the city that I love. What a cool addition this would be to a room!

9. Italian Lessons: Wow, never thought I'd be asking for this but I'm really looking for some Italian lessons. With a summer spent by myself, in a city with a completely foreign language, I need to know some basics. I'm not sure if Rosetta Stone really is the program that I would learn best in but there are some General Italian Lessons in Memphis and some geared specifically for business in Italy. I'm keeping my eye out for some of these and to have these as a gift would be so appreciated!

What is making your list this year?


  1. We have very similar Christmas lists :) love it!

  2. A crossbody purse seriously saved my life! I brought my normal old coach purse down to college with me and walking with it in the city plus my backpack was no good. It finally broke and then my mom found a simple old black crossbody that works perfect! Haha! Love them!

  3. I love the shoes and crossbody on your list! May be adding those to my list ;)

    hcbn <3 Semirah

  4. Ooh I just made a holiday gift guide!