Thursday, November 20, 2014

The 5 Albums I'm Listening To Right Now

I tend to go in waves of listening to my, already massive, collection in iTunes and then spending days searching through the internet to find new music. Lately it's been the later and I've been a total music junkie. These are the last few albums I've bought and I've been listening to constantly. Not all of them are new, but they definitely are all fantastic!

It all started with Maroon 5. Let me explain. My Maroon 5 playlist on Pandora is absolutely perfected. I've had it for years and after up voting and down voting songs as they've come through it's a treasure. With midterms this playlist and I were buddies for hours and songs off of Maroon 5's Hands All Over album kept coming around. I finally took the plunge and actually purchased the album. This was long overdue. This album is classic. It's one of my favorite go-to albums in the car and it's also one of my favorites to run to!
Song to check out: Stutter

Second, we have Andy Grammer's Magazines or Novels. LOVE THIS. Once again, the song Back Home kept coming up on my Pandora station so I clicked into iTunes to check out the rest of the album. This is definitely a change from his last album featuring songs like "Head Up". I loved the old Andy Grammer sound but this really stepped it up a notch. It's another great album for running but also getting ready in the mornings. It puts me in such a great mood!
Song to check out: Honey, I'm Good

Here's an older, new-to-me album. This 2013 John Mayer album, Paradise Valley was fairly new to me. I heard the song "On the Way Home" the other day in a coffee shop and after looking up the rest of the album fell in love. It's a change from the melodramatic John Mayer sound that I still love but more laid back and a little more bass. I've used this playlist recently for breezy walks in the park.
Song to check out: Badge and Gun

Feeling a little more hipster? This one's for you. My friend introduced this band to me recently after she ended up on a trip with their lead singer. Boy Named Banjo, is a group of college guys out of Tennessee that play a folk-Americana sound. It's easy listening and it's freaking good. This has been in my ears for coffee shop reads and library homework time. Check out their other album Long Story Short if you want to hear even more. 
Song to check out: Letter to a Lonely Girl

Last but not least 1989. Honestly, I'm a little embarrassed about how much I am obsessed with this album but really, it's so good. She's made the switch from country to completely pop and it was a great move. These songs make you want to dance and the music video for Blank Space blew me away. If you haven't heard this one yet, you're missing out.
Song to check out: Style

I've been absolutely obsessed with these albums lately. What do you think about them? What have you been listening to over and over again lately?!


  1. yes to maroon 5 and andy grammer! love all of their songs

    1. Thanks for stopping by Orly! Andy Grammar has my heart!

  2. YES! My roommate and I can't stop singing Blank Space--it's ridiculous and I'm sure everyone in the rooms around us is tired of it. The guy in the video is ridiculously good looking, too.

    Katie// The Sophisticated Student

    1. Yes! My roommates too! It's the perfect song to dance to while getting ready!

  3. I featured you on my Blogger Spotlight!