Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October Favorites

So these are definitely one of the more random assortment of things I've ever had for a monthly favorites post but each of them made the list because I've definitely been over-using them all! So here we go!

1. To-Do Lists // {here} //  I'm a self-proclaimed list addict but it's the only way that I can remember everything! I make multiple lists throughout the day to keep up with all of the little things that I need to get done. I've had these Rifle Paper Co. pads for over a year and they're finally getting down to their last few pages. I love their compact size and the floral designs!

2. Neutrogena Face Wash // I've definitely struggled finding the right face wash that is the perfect balance of cleaning my skin without drying it out. I've used Neutrogena Deep Clean products for a while but the process of moisturizing, then the moisturizer causing my face to break out, then more Deep Cleaning products is such a hassle and pretty frustrating. So to find a solution, I spent an embarrassing amount of time in the Walgreens skin aisle looking at every product in all different price ranges. I grabbed a few and this is the one I've loved the best. It cleans my skin but it's mild enough that it doesn't dry out my face even if I use it everyday. It is available at any store like Walgreens or Target and if you have this same problem that I do, I'd definitely recommend it.

3. Ponte Knit Skirts // {here} // At the beginning of the month Old Navy was having a pretty great sale so I went ahead and bought one of these Knit Circle skirts. When I got it in the mail it fit absolutely perfectly. It's longer than the normal skater skirt going just a few inches above my knee and it also has a more interesting and flattering fit. The knit material is pretty thick and is great for the fall transition weather. I waited till the next sale and grabbed two more colors. These are so easy to pair with anything from a button down to a simple long sleeved tshirt. I'm loving these skirts and grab them while you can! P.S. they're on sale right now!

4. Puffer Vests // {here} // I bought this Lands End puffer vest a few years ago and it's been one of my best investments. The down material keeps me super warm and the green really goes with anything. If you want to prep it up a bit, get it monogrammed! Lands End also has this vest in patterns and I'm eyeing some of those right now!

5. Sonix iPhone 6 Case // {here} // I recently ordered an iPhone 6 after my 4s has slowly deteriorated. Unfortunately it is projected to come in mid-November. On the plus side, this gave me time to shop around for a case that had great reviews on protection but also wasn't bulky or boring. I settled on this Sonix case with a clear back to show the gold on the phone and I'm digging the leopard print. After actually having it in my hand the case looks sturdy and well made. Check out their other designs on their website!

Although random I'm loving each and every one of these monthly favorites. Did any of these make your list this month? 



  1. Those Rifle pads are so cute! I didn't know they made those To-Do list style ones -- I'm definitely going to buy some of those ASAP!


    1. Yes you should! They definitely liven up a long to-do list!