Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What a Wonderful Fall Break!

Today I'm on the road headed back to school from what was a wonderful fall break. A break from school spent at home with no plans, well, it doesn't get much better than that. Overall it was a fairly laid back few days off but we did manage to squeeze some fall traditions in! 

My family spent a day at the track on Saturday and for the first time in a while I came out on top! Those $18 dollars later bought me an iced chai, a banana nut muffin and some spare change! Can't complain about that! Gosh Keeneland is such a beauty in the fall. Check out the photos below taken in the Paddock!

 Of course being only a few days away from Halloween pumpkin carving was on the agenda. This always turns into me picking out a jack-o-lantern face and then watching my dad execute it but I'm just fine with that. The less pumpkin goo on my hands the better! Before we dug into this pumpkin we snapped a few photos of my brother and I. You can see his creation on the far right!

I'm grateful for the chance to spend some time with family for the past few days. It's always nice to feel refreshed after a trip home. I'm now ready to get back to school and tackle the second half of this fall semester!

Anyone else partake in Fall traditions this weekend?

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  1. Your cardigan is too cute! Glad you had a nice break!

    Constance || Prep Northwest