Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'm Going Home, I'm Going Home

This weekend starts my Fall Break and it really couldn't have fallen at a better time. I've been in Memphis now for three months straight and to say that I'm really itching to go home is an understatement. The campus bubble is real. As much as I love my college, my classes and my roommates sometimes you just need a break from your everyday routine and scenery. I am so ready to get on the road and head back home. It's such a treat to get to go home and take a few days to relax. At this point a 7 hour car ride is nothing compared to vegging on the couch and some home cooked meals. My bags are packed, my playlist is ready, my snacks have been purchased and my car has a full tank of gas.  I'm so thankful to have finished my midterms early so I'm heading on the road early this morning to add a few extra days to my mini break. So so ready to see those Kentucky fences. 



  1. Have a great break, and enjoy your time at home! I hope your midterms went well.

    xo Julie
    Cap and Gown Style

    1. Thanks so much Julie! Loved your loafers in your post today!