Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How I'm Surviving Midterms

My Midterm Survival Kit

Midterms can seriously feel like they just drag on and on. Now that I'm on week number 3, with Fall Break looming just a few days away, it's super easy to get burnt out. Countless nights spent in the library till horrifying hours in the night morning are starting to get old. Luckily I do have some tried and true tricks up my sleeve to keep me going.

Snacks // This is a big one for me. The combination of boredom and long nights always makes me hungry so it's important for me to have some low calorie munchies around. One of my favorites is listed above. Each bag only has 120 calories and the bag comes with a large quantity of little rice snacks so I feel like I'm getting full while I'm eating it. I also like to munch on grapes, goldfish and dehydrated apples!

Water // Constantly sipping on water helps to fight the inevitable munchies but it also keeps me awake, alert and slightly less bored with my studies. I find that Camelbaks are the perfect size and also help to avoid way less spills than an open Nalgene with textbooks around!

Gum // Through a few years of perfecting my Midterms I've learned that I'm way more productive with gum. It keeps me a little more focused and another plus, helps fight the munchies!

Patagonia // Our library is always freezing so the best way to keep from shivering and getting distracted is to make sure I have plenty of layers. My patagonia is always by my side to either use as a blanket or throw it on over some Norts. Don't waste time walking back and forth from your dorm room because you need some warmer clothes! Bring your layers with you!

Headphones // These Paul Frank SkullCandy earphones are my favorite! Listening to music helps me stay focused on the work that I'm doing and last a little longer on those long nights. You can typically catch me listening to Dave Matthews, Elton John or Ben Rector while I'm studying.

Agenda // My agenda keeps me on track through these long weeks. You never want to have a test or project sneak up on you, especially through Midterms so stay on the ball and write everything down!

Is anyone else on their Midterms grind right now? What do you do to stay focused?


  1. It's midterm week at my school too, and this post totally caught my eye on the her campus Facebook group. These are such great tips! Headphones are a must while studying!

    natalie @ findingmyownvoice7.blogspot.com

    1. Ah HCBN is the best for finding other bloggers! Midterms can be rough but they do end! I couldn't survive midterms without headphones!

  2. Good luck on your midterms! When I was in school I think I had at least one midterm every week from week 2 of the semester! Staying organized is definitely best, and that planner is so cute that I'd look for any excuse to use it.

    xo Julie
    Cap and Gown Style

    1. Yes they feel like they're always looming! Staying organized really is the only way to stay on top of them!