Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Currently Wanderlust-ing

Oh goodness. With a slower week of school ahead of me, I have a little bit of time to start planning out my plans for this coming summer. This past summer I got the amazing opportunity to study for a little over a month abroad in Belgium and it truly left me wanting more. I've been scouring around multiple international internship programs and the possibilities are endless. I would really love to be able to get a deeper taste of Europe and truly dip my toes in the water to see if I'd be interested in living there for a bit after graduation. I'm definitely having Lizzie McGuire Roman dreams but I'm learning more and more that it really is possible! Right now I have my eyes set on Rome, Barcelona, and Prague. These photos are not only making me drool but they're also giving me a big push to get my applications in!




Anyone else have any European summer dreams?


  1. All great cities! We visited Barcelona this summer and although we were only there for 2 days, it is probably my favorite city we have ever visited in Europe (it helps when you have Cheetah Girls 2 stuck in your head ;) ).

    1. Yes! Cheetah girls was definitely my first exposure to Barcelona as a child! It would be so great to visit there!!!