Friday, October 31, 2014

#FridayFinds: This Video Will Have You Booking a Plane to Paris

I mentioned earlier this week that I was having some serious wanderlust and this video definitely hasn't helped. I got to spend a day in Paris this past summer and boy did it leave me wanting more, I'm talking years more, in that glorious city. Take a second on this Friday to, well, take yourself away. Or start working towards planning your next trip to this unbelievable city.

The pictures below were taken during my visit this summer and it looks like for now, these picture will have to do. Oh boy do I miss it though!

Au revoir!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Easy and Cute Halloween Costumes!

Whoop whoop! Tomorrow is Halloween! This holiday has always been one of my favorites. Who doesn't love a chance to dress up?! My only problem with Halloween is that the costumes can get a little risqué, especially on a college campus, and to be honest, I'm not about that. Flashback to Mean Girls and the quote, "In girl world, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it." Well to be totally honest, here are my thoughts on that: False.

Just because it's Halloween it still doesn't give you an opportunity to dress any more raunchy than you would normally. I will never truly understand the logic on that. What I like to opt for are easy DIY costumes that are memorable and cute! This year I'm going as Wednesday Addams, Madeline and then for a group costume I am the white rabbit alongside the Red Queen and Alice! Here are some other ideas that are both easy and cute! Just use some of your clothes you already have in your closet or throw on some fun makeup!

  •  Burglar
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Mary Poppins
  • Where's Waldo
  • Lumberjack
  • Scarecrow
  • Flight Attendant
  • Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
  • Jackie O
  • Your favorite 90's tv show character!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hot Apple Cider Recipe!

{Photo // Oh Sweet Joy}

With the Fall breeze just now starting to set in it's time to start ticking off my Fall bucket list. What's number one on the list? Getting my hands on some homemade apple cider. Being away at school means that it's up to me to accomplish this so I set out to Pinterest to find the perfect recipe! After scrolling through endless posts I finally found one that 1. seemed actually doable and 2. looked delicious! This recipe takes only 30 minutes to make and it serves 6 friends!

Grocery List:
6 cups of Apple Juice
1 Orange (cut into 1/4 inch slices)
6 whole cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
1/2 tsp ground allspice
Cheesecloth and string

How you make it!
1. Pour your 6 cups of juice into a large pot. Bring your juice to a boil for 5 minutes.
2. Wrap your oranges and spices in the cheesecloth and tie with a string. 
3. Add your bundle to the pot.
3. Reduce the heat to low and let the cider simmer for 20 minutes.
4. Remove the spice bundle and serve the cider hot with cinnamon sticks!

This is such a great recipe for a Fall get-together or just a cozy refreshment after a long day. Try out this recipe and let me know what you think! Does anyone else have a great apple cider recipe?!


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Currently Wanderlust-ing

Oh goodness. With a slower week of school ahead of me, I have a little bit of time to start planning out my plans for this coming summer. This past summer I got the amazing opportunity to study for a little over a month abroad in Belgium and it truly left me wanting more. I've been scouring around multiple international internship programs and the possibilities are endless. I would really love to be able to get a deeper taste of Europe and truly dip my toes in the water to see if I'd be interested in living there for a bit after graduation. I'm definitely having Lizzie McGuire Roman dreams but I'm learning more and more that it really is possible! Right now I have my eyes set on Rome, Barcelona, and Prague. These photos are not only making me drool but they're also giving me a big push to get my applications in!




Anyone else have any European summer dreams?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Check Out These Fall Sales!!

With the transitioning seasons it is prime shopping time. Why? Because there are crazy sales going on! Here's a look at some of the huge markdowns going on at my favorite stores today! Hurry up though! They end tonight at Midnight!

What's on your wish list for this Fall? Grab it today!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Did Someone Say Friday?!

Wow! This Friday really snuck up on me! I did have a short week but with a big test looming over my head later today I can't say that it's been a breeze! However, I'm happy to say that in just a few hours I'll be living easy in the weekend! Just a bit longer of some hard work then it's feet up on the desk, or at least out the door and headed home! Bring on the weekend!

Do any of you all have exciting things on the agenda?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Tribute to the Work of Oscar de la Renta

With the death of Oscar de la Renta earlier this week it is only right to have a post honoring his life's work. beautiful creations. As one of the most renowned designers in the world he truly made his mark on the fashion industry. He was a Domincan born gentleman that truly knew how to design for women.   Oscar de la Renta dressed every first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy as well as countless celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Anne Hathaway and Sarah Jessica Parker. During his career he won numerous Cody awards, accepted a place in the Best Dressed Hall of Fame and set the standard for a red carpet look. After his death Kenneth Cole {tweeted}, "The fashion business says goodbye to a mentor, a legend & an icon. He defined a standard we can only aspire to." He will truly never be forgotten.

Which of his looks was one of your favorites?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stop And Smell The Roses

Spending the weekend at home gave me the chance to really, well, stop and smell the roses. It gave me a break from the hustle and bustle and it also gave me time to appreciate all of the good things around me whether that be family, friends, or even food! While this was such a treat to have I need to remember to take a little time out of my day to get a whiff of the roses. "You know, life moves pretty fast." Especially at school, I get so caught up in the whirlwind that is a busy school schedule that I forget to pause and take a look around. We work so hard in classes or in our jobs but how often do we actually stop to realize why we're working so hard and what this work is truly getting us? It can get so easy to overlook the little beauties in our days when running from meeting to meeting with a million things on our to do list but that's when it's especially important to take a breath.

Today let's take a break to look at our rewards from our hard work, let's look at how far we've come and let's look at how close the weekend is on this hump day! Today, let's stop and smell the roses.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What a Wonderful Fall Break!

Today I'm on the road headed back to school from what was a wonderful fall break. A break from school spent at home with no plans, well, it doesn't get much better than that. Overall it was a fairly laid back few days off but we did manage to squeeze some fall traditions in! 

My family spent a day at the track on Saturday and for the first time in a while I came out on top! Those $18 dollars later bought me an iced chai, a banana nut muffin and some spare change! Can't complain about that! Gosh Keeneland is such a beauty in the fall. Check out the photos below taken in the Paddock!

 Of course being only a few days away from Halloween pumpkin carving was on the agenda. This always turns into me picking out a jack-o-lantern face and then watching my dad execute it but I'm just fine with that. The less pumpkin goo on my hands the better! Before we dug into this pumpkin we snapped a few photos of my brother and I. You can see his creation on the far right!

I'm grateful for the chance to spend some time with family for the past few days. It's always nice to feel refreshed after a trip home. I'm now ready to get back to school and tackle the second half of this fall semester!

Anyone else partake in Fall traditions this weekend?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Cute Cases for the Newest iPhone 6!

Put a Case on it! iPhone 6 Cases!

Yesterday I moved on up in the world and upgraded to an iPhone 6, saying goodbye to my trusty iPhone 4. We'd been through a lot but after two years, a non-functioning power button and constant glitching it was time for a much needed change. Unfortunately the store was completely sold out of all of the iPhone 6's in stock so I have about a week to wait before I get mine in the mail. Honestly I'm completely happy waiting because this gives me enough time to get a case! Let's be serious. I don't trust myself to have a vintage 4 for a few days without a case let alone the newest version so this is a much needed delay. Here's the only issue: because the iPhone 6 is pretty new the case options are at a minimum. In the store there were some great hefty industrial options but I'm not quite sure that truly fits my style so it was off to the internet!. After about an hour of scouring I did find a few options that are great to keep my phone both secure and add a little personality. I think I've decided on the case below {from Society6} but I've got a few more days before I have to make up my mind. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

Have you found any great cases for the new iPhone 6? I'd love suggestions or reviews!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

#FridayFinds: Reese Witherspoon's 73 Questions

Vogue is absolutely killing it with these 73 question videos and their recent feature with Reese Witherspoon makes me swoon. Her house is so cozy and refreshing and she just oozes charisma. Her peppy personality, chic style and humble answers will only make you fall in love with her even more. In the video you see her 8 lb Oscar, a flip on a trampoline, and her face light up when she answers questions about her children. If I could have dinner with any celebrity it would be Reese and her lasagna.

Hope everyone has a peppy Friday!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'm Going Home, I'm Going Home

This weekend starts my Fall Break and it really couldn't have fallen at a better time. I've been in Memphis now for three months straight and to say that I'm really itching to go home is an understatement. The campus bubble is real. As much as I love my college, my classes and my roommates sometimes you just need a break from your everyday routine and scenery. I am so ready to get on the road and head back home. It's such a treat to get to go home and take a few days to relax. At this point a 7 hour car ride is nothing compared to vegging on the couch and some home cooked meals. My bags are packed, my playlist is ready, my snacks have been purchased and my car has a full tank of gas.  I'm so thankful to have finished my midterms early so I'm heading on the road early this morning to add a few extra days to my mini break. So so ready to see those Kentucky fences. 


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Productive Study Breaks to Survive Midterms!

Midterms can be incredibly long, grueling and truly just really exhausting. Its tough to stay focused and determined throughout these few weeks. Yes, of course most of your time needs to be spent in the library diligently studying and writing papers however it is also important to give yourself a break once in a while. Not only does this keep you sane, but it also keeps you focused on your work for longer periods of time if you allow yourself these moments of rest. Here are some productive breaks that I usually take.

What do you do to give yourself a break from studying?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How I'm Surviving Midterms

My Midterm Survival Kit

Midterms can seriously feel like they just drag on and on. Now that I'm on week number 3, with Fall Break looming just a few days away, it's super easy to get burnt out. Countless nights spent in the library till horrifying hours in the night morning are starting to get old. Luckily I do have some tried and true tricks up my sleeve to keep me going.

Snacks // This is a big one for me. The combination of boredom and long nights always makes me hungry so it's important for me to have some low calorie munchies around. One of my favorites is listed above. Each bag only has 120 calories and the bag comes with a large quantity of little rice snacks so I feel like I'm getting full while I'm eating it. I also like to munch on grapes, goldfish and dehydrated apples!

Water // Constantly sipping on water helps to fight the inevitable munchies but it also keeps me awake, alert and slightly less bored with my studies. I find that Camelbaks are the perfect size and also help to avoid way less spills than an open Nalgene with textbooks around!

Gum // Through a few years of perfecting my Midterms I've learned that I'm way more productive with gum. It keeps me a little more focused and another plus, helps fight the munchies!

Patagonia // Our library is always freezing so the best way to keep from shivering and getting distracted is to make sure I have plenty of layers. My patagonia is always by my side to either use as a blanket or throw it on over some Norts. Don't waste time walking back and forth from your dorm room because you need some warmer clothes! Bring your layers with you!

Headphones // These Paul Frank SkullCandy earphones are my favorite! Listening to music helps me stay focused on the work that I'm doing and last a little longer on those long nights. You can typically catch me listening to Dave Matthews, Elton John or Ben Rector while I'm studying.

Agenda // My agenda keeps me on track through these long weeks. You never want to have a test or project sneak up on you, especially through Midterms so stay on the ball and write everything down!

Is anyone else on their Midterms grind right now? What do you do to stay focused?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Gameday Girls Link-Up!

Woo hoo it is the best time of year: Football season. Being from Lexington, Kentucky I will always be an SEC girl at heart living for Saturday afternoon tailgates with music blaring, the grill fired up and a cat paw tattoo on my cheek. Game days in the south are definitely an experience! It's such a great time seeing family and friends excited for the festivities and it's an even greater excuse to dress up! 

I keep my eye out all year for blue dresses for the UK games and red and black dresses for football games while I'm at school! In any SEC town there are always countless boutiques filled with solid dresses in the hometown school's colors! Although my school's football team isn't as much as a focus like it would be at a large state school we still like to get dressed up for games! I always try to keep a look out for unique dresses like {this enlarged red herringbone dress} to stand out a little bit on those Saturdays! When all else fails, a simple black dress with your school color's accessory always works! Scarves for the win! 

For me, the go-to shoes are a pair of boots whether that's riding boots or cowboy boots or sometimes even Hunters. Tailgating fields are usually super muddy and there's no point in ruining a pair of wedges or having muddy toes! Pick something comfortable that you can walk around in all day and you don't mind getting a little messy!

A cute dress, cowboy boots and your sorority pin! Looks like you're ready to go! Here's a picture from our Homecoming tailgate this past weekend with some other KDs! Saturday's in fall will always be my favorite!

This post links back to Corbin's blog {The Classy South}! Check out all of the other girls' game day looks on her post! 

What does your school typically wear for football games?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Feeling Fall Linkup!

Truly so many fall posts and so little time! Today's post is actually a link up! Thanks to Carrie from {Carrie on Blogs} today's post is actually a link up! And! It's all about my favorite fall trends and highlighting scarves!

So I really can't say it enough but scarves are the best! Here's a look at one of my favorites in my ever-growing collection! It looks great paired with a white tshirt but I also love matching it with a black and white striped tee for a little different look! With the chillier weather coming in I can't wait to throw it over top of some camel sweaters or to brighten up a khaki trench!

Here are some questions for the link up!

1. What's your favorite fall trend?
Right now it's definitely felt hats. I love this retro look and it's courageous but when it's pulled off well it's such a fun statement!

2. What is your favorite fall Starbucks drink?
Chai tea is my favorite all year round. I've already switched over to hot chai and at Starbucks I'll ask for a touch of vanilla added to really give it a cozy taste.

3. If you could only wear one pair of boots for this whole fall season, which pair would they be?
Oh this is tough! Right now I've been wearing my Ariat cowboy boots a lot! I guess it's the southern in me. I love the look with dresses and a girly necklace or tucked into jeans with a flowy top! I'm planning on pairing them with some brown tights once it gets a little chillier outside!

4. What is your favorite fall activity?
Football! One of the reasons why fall is my favorite is because it's college football season. Coming from an SEC hometown it's definitely in my blood. Dressing up, tailgating and cheering on the Cats will always be one of my favorite things!

Hope you enjoyed my fall link up! What are your answers to these questions?!

Friday, October 10, 2014


Hi guys! I don't have a Friday Find for you today but I do have a happy little message: TGIF. After a week of midterms it's nice to have just one more day of classes then rest. Whoohoo! Can't wait for a glorious nap! One more day till the weekend!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Raise & Five Fall Essentials!

Five Fall Essentials

Gosh I love Fall so much. Around campus I can start to see the leaves changing colors, the breeze getting a little cooler and the pumpkin spice lattes always seem to be on my desk but hey, I'm loving it. Another one of the best things about Fall? The clothes!

Honestly, this season can be a little tricky. Transitioning your summer clothes to your winter clothes can be a little difficult. So how do you combat this? Accessories! There's no point in purchasing a whole new wardrobe for this short period of brisk weather. By the time you finally pull the breezy sweater you just bought out of your closet it's already time for the peacoat! However, what you can do is layer a sweater with a plaid scarf or pop a darker color onto your lips to get a warmer look! Here are my faves for transitioning in this fall season!

Ankle boots // These are one of my favorite trends for fall and I'm glad they've stuck around a few years. Flats in cold weather can leave you with some pretty horrible blisters not to mention cold toes! I'm a sucker for some grey camp socks and they look nice and cozy peeking out from behind some leather booties!

Scarves // Particularly plaid scarves are my favorite addition to my fall wardrobe. Pop one over a t-shirt or dress and your outfit is complete. You get to wear scarves from October all the way to March so pick out some of your favorites and really utilize them!

Tech gloves // Honestly, tech gloves are now a necessity. It is the worst when you have to pull your hands out during cool weather to type on your phone. Now it's so easy to find them super cheap and they definitely don't look dorky!

Dark gloss // I purchased this dark gloss from a Forever 21 a while ago and I'm loving it. Even wearing this color with a white t-shirt and jeans changes your look to a fall feel. Match this with the colors in your plaid scarf and you've got it going on. 

Felt hats // Now this is my absolutely favorite trend going on right now. Felt. Floppy. Hats. They do take a little courage to pull out of your closet but they always look great and really do battle some chilly ears. Talk about effortless style!

Now with accessories and trendy styles I'm all about deals. I'm a big advocate of truly "investing" in your clothes however for things that are a seasonal trend look for cheaper items at way lower prices. Look to stores like Old Navy, H&M and Forever 21. I got this felt hat from Forever 21 for only $10! A great way to get some cheap trendy accessories for the fall season is through {Raise}! At this website you can purchase gift cards from stores like Forever 21 for discounted prices. Hello, this is awesome! Simply sign up, grab a gift card and get an even more discounted price for your favorite ankle boots! This is such an awesome site! Try out Raise and let me know what you think! 

What are your favorite Fall essentials? Have you ever used Raise?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Little Hump Day Help!

Happy Hump Day everybody! In honor of being smack dab in the middle of a bustling week here's a few pictures to get you through the grind! Hope these little guys perk up your Wednesday!

Just smile and remember Friday is right around the corner!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Challenged: 1 Down & 3 Up

Last week I got to see this really great speaker at school. Her name was Erin Foley and she spoke about confidence, mainly directed at college girls. The talk was truly awesome. She touched on a lot of points that really hit home and I've got to say, I truly did got a lot out of it. I'd consider myself a confident person who is fairly sure of themselves and what I want to do with my life. I live in an apartment with  5 other girls. They are each five strong, confident and beautiful roommates but at the end of the day we all are guilty of self-downing.  This was one of the big things that Erin talked about that really made me take a step back and ultimately realize how much I do this to myself.

This is not something that we're born with. As a toddler you don't walk around saying how gross you look today. It's something that we learn on television, in magazines, and from the other girls around us.  You know when you've had a long day, you woke up late, your feeling frazzled and you feel like nothing's going your way? Of course you do, we all have them. Well it's at the end of this super long day and you finally see your best friend so what do you do? You walk into the room so exasperated and start ragging on yourself.

"Ugh, it's been the longest day. I woke up late. I look so gross." *PAUSE 

Why do we do this? Somehow, to make ourselves feel justified in our exasperation we have to vent about how awful we are. Examples? Ugh, I've gained so much weight. Gosh, how stupid could I be. Ugh, he'll never like me. Honey, pause. You look fine, you've had a rough day. Eat that ice-cream cone and don't feel bad about it and who cares about that boy? Why do we constantly find the need to tear ourselves down? You never hear a guy looking in the mirror and saying, "Eww my muscles really look small today".

So in an effort to fix, or at least recognize this fault in so many girls, Erin challenged us to this little test. When your friend comes into a room ragging on herself tell her to pause. Next, ask her to say three good things about herself.

I am smart.
I am kind.
I am funny.

The biggest mistake that so many of us make with this issue is that we don't even realize we're doing it. I challenge you to try this with your girlfriends. Hey, maybe you'll even stop yourself from putdowns now that you're thinking about it. We're so much better than this. Let's start with little steps!

What do you think of the 1 Down & 3 Up Challenge,

Monday, October 6, 2014

What's In My Sidebar??

Hey guys! I thought I'd take a post to explain some of the awesome links that have been hanging out in my sidebar for the past month! Feel free to click around in this link or in the future on my sidebar itself and see some of the girls and sites that I'm promoting!

This little blog was my baby over the summer and really catapulted me into fully launching E&D! It takes you all through my travels in Europe with way too many photos of food! If you're thinking of studying abroad is a great resource or if you're feeling a little wanderlust go check on the Paris page! 

The Classy South is an adorable little fashion blog run by Corbin from North Carolina! I love her daily style posts and her outfits are always a statement. Her blog design is truly a breath of fresh air and you can see her bubbly personality pop right off the page!
Prep Northwest is another great fashion and lifestyle blog run by Constance out of Washington! She definitely has a regional take on the preppy style and I love seeing the neat little spins she puts on her looks. Her lifestyle posts are always very honest and relatable! Fun Fact: Constance and I work together on the Undeniable team!

Classy Cathleen

Classy Cathleen is authored by Cathleen who is the queen of Polyvore style inspiration boards! She always has great style trends on point and is very responsive to her readers! Cathleen also heads the Blogger with Class community so if you're looking for a way to connect with more fashion and lifestyle bloggers you should contact her!

Emily Studying Abroad
The Smart Girls Group is a unique sisterhood that seeks to unite, inspire and empower a generation of influential women through products, resources and opportunities for passionate game-changing women! The group works to develop ambitious young women and redefine what it means to be a smart girl!

I'm super excited to let you all know about the Undeniable Report. It recently launched and I'm pumped to be a part of the team with a group of bloggers from all across the world! The Undeniable Report is a lifestyle website for girls that covers everything from style, beauty, wellness, business, travel and more! Go check it out and keep an eye out for my articles!

If you're a fairly avid blogger the HerCampus Blogger Network is a great resource to be a part of. It connects you with bloggers all over the world that cover everything from fashion, to beauty to college to everything about life in between. It can connect you to great companies for promotions, other bloggers for link ups and other finds all over the internet! 
Hope you all enjoyed knowing a little more about these links in my sidebar! I'm always excited to do a buttons swap for any bloggers that are interested! Feel free to email me and we'll set it up! 
Have you heard of any of these blogs or communities? Aren't they great?!