Thursday, September 25, 2014

So Here's the Thing About the "Selfie"...

So this year the word "selfie" got added to the dictionary. Now when I'm talking selfie, I don't mean the awkward solo photo of you standing in front of some great historic monument, I mean the full blown self-ie. Arm out, phone tilted sideways parallel to your 45 degree head tilt, wide eyes and even wider mouth. *see below* This can be taken with one or more people.

 {Selfie at the Bean in Chicago!}

To me, they will forever be awkward but I am totally guilty of them anyways. My thing is, if it makes you happy, or feel pretty, beautiful, smart, sexy, funny, or goofy, DO IT. If taking that selfie with your best friends in the front row of the concert makes you look back in years and smile about that awesome night then do it. By all means, take twenty. If taking that mirror picture of "the outfit of the day" makes you feel like the office supermodel then do it. 

Maybe you're sending it to all 2,435 of your Facebook friends, maybe you're sending it to your bff over snap chat, maybe it's to your SO at another school or maybe its destined to simply sit in your camera roll to mark that Tuesday that you were looking HAWT. It. Doesn't. Matter. 

So yeah, to me, selfies will forever be awkward but girl, snap away and keep on smiling. Rock the selfie and rock that confidence too.

What do you think of the selfie?

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