Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Recap: I Love My Sorority Sisters

This past weekend was a busy one indeed. It was the final weekend of Rush and that every sorority girl dreams about, Bid Day. 

Rush can be a stressful process from both sides. Picking out the perfect dresses, navigating your way through countless conversations with strangers and having the pressure to pick one house can be tough.  From the other side it's hours of practicing skits and songs, ironing your matching button downs, studying up on every statistic of your philanthropy and making sure that you put your absolute best foot forward. But here's the thing: when you're in an amazing house surrounded by women that you absolutely love being around and truly look up to, those long days become the weekends that you'll always remember. The nightly dance parties that happen after the door closes for the final time, the embarrassing amount of pizzas consumed and the delirious giggle-fests that result after hours of Rush parties in the house are the memories that I'll never forget. 

The Greek system is constantly the focus of many negative comments however I can confidently say that joining Kappa Delta was one of the best decisions I've made since coming to college. I get to be constantly surrounded by strong, beautiful and amazingly confident women on a daily basis. I have had amazing experiences working hands-on with our philanthropies. I am given the opportunity to lead the chapter through my role on council, something I would have never thought I would have taken on as a freshman, but has come to be one of the most rewarding parts of my experience. 


I get the chance to come home to five other KD roommates every night. I'm so lucky to have these ladies in my life who are nothing short of hilarious, beautiful, supportive and inspirational. I have a giant sorority family that loves me no matter what and I know that at the end of the day these relationships that I've made in this house are going to last forever. 

There will always be that element of Greek life that I can never explain. It's more than just formals, swaps, sisterhood events and philanthropies. There's an inexplainable bond that you have with your sisters and you can't truly feel it until you're on the inside. It might be cheesy and it might be cliche but it's true: I love my sorority and I can't imagine my time at school without it. 

What a great weekend it was.

P.S. What do you all think of the Greek system?

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  1. Love this and you. Such a great post, as usual! Miss you bunches!