Friday, September 5, 2014

#FridayFinds: Angelina's Dress Tops the Charts!

Angelina Jolie got married on the 20th and her dress absolutely blew me away. Yes, of course she had a designer dress. Versace personally made this gorgeous number for her however, it wasn't the designer label that made it so special. She adorned her seemingly traditional wedding dress with the doodles of her 6 children in Crayola-colored embroidery. This is my favorite wedding personalization I've seen in a while and she pulled it off so effortlessly. I'm now wondering if this colorful embellishment is going to be popping up in more weddings around the country. I'm definitely a fan, keep it coming!

I'm absolutely loving Angelina's wedding dress choice. What do you all think of it?



  1. I was shocked at first. Like , I was assuming a lot of bling bling and diamonds and stuff. But when I actually saw the dress, it melted me down. They surely love their kids.