Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Emily's August Faves!

August Favorites

Well another month has flown by and I'm back at it again letting you know my all-time faves from August! I headed to Memphis right in the first week so all of these go-to's are coming to you straight from my Memphis day to day! Let's kick it off!

Hustle Print // I ordered this 8x10 print from an Etsy store {here} as a hint of art and inspiration above my desk. I also ordered a gold foil elephant print and an ink blot print. Can't wait to show you all photos soon!

Stationary // I'm a letter addict and Target stationary is only fueling the fire. Right now they have tons of adorable graphic stationary for only a few dollars. Grab some packs and start your collection. Never underestimate the power of a letter!

Kate Spade Agenda // I honestly have no idea how I would function without this thing by my side. I've only had three classes so far and the whole calendar of September is already covered. Yikes! This one's going to be a go-to for the long haul! If you haven't yet gotten your agenda for this school year I would definitely recommend the Kate Spade. I wrote a post about it {here} if you'd like to read more!

Fossil Wristlet // I finally had to retire my Lilly Pulitzer wristlet that had roughed it through both freshman and sophomore year. (May it rest in peace). I was on the lookout for a carry-all that I could drag from class, to the gym and most importantly, the cafeteria. When I saw this Fossil wristlet on sale I took the plunge. I love the simple style and it holds all of my essentials!

Nautilus Pendant // I got this pendant at the Kappa Delta National Convention this spring and I hadn't actually taken it out of it's box until this fall! With Rush in full swing I've been sporting this necklace under button downs and over tshirts. I love this little reminder of my organization! AOT to any sisters out there!

Maybelline Vivid Lipstick // Okay. This brand is my all-time favorite lipstick. The color is so vibrant and it easily stains your lips for all-day and all-night wear. My favorite shade is this neon red, Vibrant Mandarin. It's always thrown in my Fossil Wristlet. Grab these lipsticks on your grocery run and you'll be glad that you did!

        Did any of my items make your August Favorites? What are you digging right now?!



  1. I love Kate Spade... everything is so cute. :) I can't wait to use my KS planner when I get home!

    Zoe | La Vie en Zoe

    1. Ah it's my absolute favorite! Hope you love yours as much as I love mine!

  2. Great finds!! Perfect summer colours!! Don't know why, but I've been loving a dark red lip all summer... kina weird but it goes! xxx


    1. I love a red lip all year round! I just alternate cool and warm toned reds depending on which season it is!