Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Closure: It's all about You

This weekend I got a surprising text in the middle of the night from my former significant other. My two year relationship ended at the beginning of this summer, so to say that this text was a surprise would be an understatement. Really for one of the first times in my life, I was pretty speechless. In being completely honest, I would have done anything for that text message a few months ago but the way I reacted showed me how far I've come. To break it down, he was reaching out and looking for closure, something that I had wanted all summer. Over the summer I had wanted to sit down with him, talk about it together and figure out what the split really meant. In that text he was asking for the same thing, to figure it out together, but what I've come to realize is that closure after a relationship isn't about the both of you anymore. It's not about talking out why it ended and continuing as friends. It's just about you. It's about you, individually finding admiration of the past, acceptance of the ending and ultimately it's about finding yourself and moving towards your own individual future.

It takes some time, it does. It's hard to wholly love yourself again after someone stops loving those little things in you. You no longer have that safety blanket to run to. You have to learn to build that trust and confidence in yourself and you have to learn that you can handle it all on your own.

I loved dating someone long distance for two years of my college career and I will never say otherwise however I am happy that it is not continuing.You know, sometimes we outgrow relationships and it's okay. I'm lucky that he was able to see what I couldn't: our relationship wasn't perfect. I can honestly say that I think I've grown more in the past five months than I have during my two years of college combined. Why? Because I've truly been making independent decisions. I'm the one making my decisions solely for me, planning my time solely for me and loving solely me. I feel more me than ever. I get to focus on the things that make me, and only me, happy. I get to direct my future towards my own goals and I don't have to sacrifice and compromise my dreams and aspirations.

So yes, it is a few months of battling but the result is beautiful and oh so rewarding. No one ever said it was easy, but I'm telling you it's worth it. There are little steps along the way to remind you that you can handle it and that really you're doing okay. For me, it was throwing a gifted bracelet off a boat in Paris that was truly liberating. Maybe for you it's burning old photos or simply dying your hair a crazy color but closure is all about you and your progress and ultimately, your acceptance. The hard part is that you can only get there by yourself. But you know what? It feels pretty great to be able to text him back and tell him that.

What do you think about closure? Have you ever dealt with this after a breakup?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Find Your Sunset

Any time I see a sunset I whip out my phone and take a picture of it. It's definitely one of the cheesier things that I do but I can't resist. They're truly one of my favorite things in this world. Yesterday as I was taking the photo below, I got asked by a friend why I always take so many pictures of sunsets and my answer was pretty simple. I figured I'd share my answer with you all as well.

So why sunsets? 

Well, it's because they give me something to smile about. In the middle of a busy and stressful day they make me me stop and think of all of the beautiful little things around me that are more important than the work ahead of me. On the flip side, after a long and perfect day, they're simply the cherry on top. Sunsets with friends are as picturesque as it comes, but a sunset alone is just as internally satisfying. Every once in a while we need something to make us pause and simply take our breath away. Sunsets give me that inspiration daily and the truly gorgeous ones I will always want to capture. So I'll keep going through the trouble to drag my phone out and take a picture of every sunset I see because its my daily documentation of the more important things in life. For me it's all about the little things, and life will always be about the little things.

What is your sunset? What's the little thing that makes you smile?

Friday, September 26, 2014

#FridayFinds: The Carters Killed It!

So if you know me, you'd know I'm a huge BeyoncĂ© fan. Well, I mean, how could you not be? But this  video just magnified my love for the Carters 10-fold. This is their final performance of their last concert on their On the Run Tour. Really though, can you say power-couple? Not only did they kill it throughout the entire tour but this last song gave me goosebumps. Their home videos put those summer divorce rumors to shame and put a smile on my own face looking at baby Blue Ivy! Take a rest on this Friday and watch this killer performance.

So much love for the Carters,

Thursday, September 25, 2014

So Here's the Thing About the "Selfie"...

So this year the word "selfie" got added to the dictionary. Now when I'm talking selfie, I don't mean the awkward solo photo of you standing in front of some great historic monument, I mean the full blown self-ie. Arm out, phone tilted sideways parallel to your 45 degree head tilt, wide eyes and even wider mouth. *see below* This can be taken with one or more people.

 {Selfie at the Bean in Chicago!}

To me, they will forever be awkward but I am totally guilty of them anyways. My thing is, if it makes you happy, or feel pretty, beautiful, smart, sexy, funny, or goofy, DO IT. If taking that selfie with your best friends in the front row of the concert makes you look back in years and smile about that awesome night then do it. By all means, take twenty. If taking that mirror picture of "the outfit of the day" makes you feel like the office supermodel then do it. 

Maybe you're sending it to all 2,435 of your Facebook friends, maybe you're sending it to your bff over snap chat, maybe it's to your SO at another school or maybe its destined to simply sit in your camera roll to mark that Tuesday that you were looking HAWT. It. Doesn't. Matter. 

So yeah, to me, selfies will forever be awkward but girl, snap away and keep on smiling. Rock the selfie and rock that confidence too.

What do you think of the selfie?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Means Leaves, Chai and Scarves!!!

Fall Scarves Under $15!

It's that time of year again, no really! It's the second day of Fall! I love that the brisk weather is setting in, football is now my Saturday afternoons, Chai is always on the table and the scarves are coming out of storage! Scarves are one of the beauties of fall. They easily accessorize outfit and also switch up your  clothing options. A simple white tshirt is completely transformed with a plaid scarf and no one will remember your outfit repeat next week when you pair it with solid red one! 

This is one of my favorite scarves that I own. I got it as a present from my brother and it is my school colors! Perfect to pair with a dress for tailgating!

I am a self-proclaimed scarf addict but with cute scarves so cheap why wouldn't I be? Check out these super affordable options from {Charming Charlie} and {Forever 21}! They're all under $15! Grab a few and spruce up tomorrow's outfit, and the next day and the next day! 

Are you a scarf person? Where do you find affordable scarves?


Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I'm really starting this week off on the right foot. Well, maybe with a little bit less sleep than I should but otherwise I'm super driven on this usually extra-draggy Tuesday. Last night I stayed up researching internships for this summer. There's so much time between then and now but it's never too early to get on the ball with these things. And you know what? There's no better feeling than feeling on the ball

It's so easy to get overwhelmed with classes, homework, and activities but having those moments when you're on top of everything is truly a gift. I wrote a post a few weeks ago about {setting goals for a new semester}. For me, this is where a lot of my drive and ambition comes from. Knowing that I have these great plans for the future keeps me on track when I need a little extra umph. 

What keeps you all working hard? 

P.S. Fun fact, I made this image as a background for my computer. It looks great fit to screen or also centered with a white background!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Recap: The Fam Hits Memphis

This past weekend my family came down to Memphis to visit and I'm happy to say: I had a blast. Past hanging around at the hotel, some updates on the apartment and the obligatory Target run(s), a lot of the visit centered around FOOD! It's pretty easy to do in such a foodie town and I am not complaining at all. We hit all the hotspots: Central Barbecue, Hueys, Jerry's Sno Cones, Gibson's Donuts, Cafe Eclectic and even spent the night downtown on the Trolley Line at Aldo's. It was great being able to spend a few days with family especially in a city I love so much. The weekend definitely flew by but can't wait to see them again in a month!

Hope your weekend was just as swell as mine!

Friday, September 19, 2014

#FridayFinds: Lauren's Svenstrup's Gorgeous Apartment

Last week, Lauren Svenstrup from {Studio Sven} opened up her home for Apartment Therapy and it's one of my favorites I've seen in a while. Lauren is an interior designer out of the Chicago area and some of her past projects are absolutely to die for. Of course her house was going to be the same eclectic, bright and bold design. 

I've added some pictures from her Apartment Therapy tour below but check out {this link to see all of Lauren's amazing home}!

I'm definitely lusting after this shower curtain. Simple but the vintage florals add a beautiful pop of color.

All of the big bold accents in her house mix together so beautifully as do her bright and darker colors. This great mix is definitely shown here, her bedroom is so cozy.

Talk about some inspiration. I would love to work at a desk space like this. I've had my eyes on lucite desk chairs forever. That's definitely one of the first things I'm getting when I have my own place!

What do you think of Lauren's bold apartment?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Fam's Coming to Town!

The Fam comes tomorrow! The Fam comes tomorrow! So sorry for the low-qual snapchat screenshot but this photo fits my feelings exactly! Eeep! I'm so excited. This weekend at school is Parent's Weekend and it's the first time in three years that my family is going to be able to make it! This is a big deal guys! It really is a treat when I get to go home to visit family during the semester however getting to show them around my school and most importantly around Memphis is going to be a blast! There's so many things I have on the agenda from visiting Sun Studios to Stax Records to Jerry's Snowcones to Central Barbecue to Mud Island I can't wait to get started.

One more day till the fam hits the town!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

You know what's the worst? Uncomfortable shoes. Well, scratch that. What is actually the worst are uncomfortable shoes that you have to spend the whole day in! Whether you're in college walking across campus all day to your classes or just in a job where you walk a lot, comfortable shoes become your best friend. But here's the thing, just because shoes are comfortable doesn't mean you should have to compromise your style. If you've been reading my blog for a while you know I'm all about go-tos. Those little things in your closet that you know you can grab without much thought and they'll end up just perfect. Every girl needs her go-to comfy shoes in her closet for a long day of happy feet.

My comfy shoe go-tos consist of the basics but with a little flair! Everyone needs a great pair of basic flats. If you could only buy two I would say in vest in a durable pair of both black and leopard print. Leopard will always be a neutral! Some more flats to throw in your closet are the ever-comfortable Minnetonka Moccasins. My favorite color is {these taupe ones} but I'm really digging the red too! Next up are some classic Sperry Topsiders. I love the old style of {these boat shoes}. My favorite way to wear them is with a white tshirt and a pair of rolled jeans! Oh boy, a girl's gotta have some converse. I currently have navy one's tossed in the corner of my closet but I do love the look of a chic black outfit with black converse to make it just a little more casual! Last but not least on today's list are a pair of ankle boots. For these shoes making the investment on some long-lasting kicks is really worth it. You'll get your money's worth in both lifespan and comfortability.

Gotta love the go-tos. When you've got a long day ahead of you what shoes do you wear?


Friday, September 12, 2014

#FridayFind: Frat Boys Shake It Off!

This Friday Find has made me smile all week. Some Delta Sig boys from Transylvania University in my hometown made a Lip Dub to T-Swift's Shake It Off and it's got the girls swooning! This viral vid was executed so perfectly and apparently it only took them two takes! Here's to making you smile on Friday! Hope your weekend is a great one!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Day to Think, Appreciate & Remember

Year after year, September 11th is always a solemn day. It's a day to remember exactly where you were that moment you heard the news. It's a day to remember the first person you called. It's a day to remember those images and videos flashing across the television. It's a day to remember those we lost in this unforgettable tragedy but also a day to remember how we banded together after such a horrific event. Take some time out of your day to think, appreciate and remember. Think about the wonderful opportunities that this country provides, appreciate those who serve to protect these opportunities, and remember those who we have lost in these courageous and selfless endeavors. I know that day in second grade will forever be engrained in my memory however the way that our country moved forward together will also be something I will never forget.

Truly proud to be an American,

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What You Should Know About Apple's New Products

So I'm a super nerd when it comes to the Apple releases. Every summer I set aside the day to watch the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and I am absolutely shameless about this. Needless to say, yesterday my eyes were peeled on the release of Apple's new digs! I'm all about the added pixels in the screens and faster processing however right now I'm going to break it down to the top three things you should know about Apple's new releases!

1. A bigger iPhone!
Yep, it's finally happening. Apple has released two phone sizes, the first iPhone 6 has a casual 4.7" screen and the new larger version, the iPhone 6 Plus is 5.5". While the iPhone 6 has 1 million pixels, the Plus has 2 million. I can't wait to get my hands on that display! These new phones are slimmer and more rounded on the edges calling for a new collection of cases. While the iPhone 6 has 1 million pixels, the Plus has 2 million! The phones have a newly enhanced camera fit with image-stabilization. Hello bloggers!

2. Apple Watch
The thing we've all been waiting for! So yes, the rumors have all been true, the apple watch is a thing however it is much more attractive than I had expected. With the release of products like google glass I had expected the Apple Watch to be clunky and, honestly, dorky yet this product is sleek just like the rest of their line of gadgets. It comes with multiple interchangeable bands with a variety of faces from aluminum to gold! It is worked by swiping the screen of the face to access your apps. It has functions including GPS and works similar to a FIT band in that it can record your heart rate, activity and calories consumed. Sweet!

3. Apple Pay
This function is intended to eliminate the use of credit cards. It lets you carry out transactions over your phone or watch! Seriously, how cool is that? Essentially it allows you to pay for goods without sharing your credit card, address or other personal information with the merchant. Apple is taking over the world!

Well, I hope this Sparknotes guide to Apple's new products helped you out in the world of tech! It's always good to know what's going on in this industry and especially with the big tycoon's like Apple. I know my eye is on these products, especially that new and improved larger iPhone!

What do you think of Apple's new changes?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Recap: I Love My Sorority Sisters

This past weekend was a busy one indeed. It was the final weekend of Rush and that every sorority girl dreams about, Bid Day. 

Rush can be a stressful process from both sides. Picking out the perfect dresses, navigating your way through countless conversations with strangers and having the pressure to pick one house can be tough.  From the other side it's hours of practicing skits and songs, ironing your matching button downs, studying up on every statistic of your philanthropy and making sure that you put your absolute best foot forward. But here's the thing: when you're in an amazing house surrounded by women that you absolutely love being around and truly look up to, those long days become the weekends that you'll always remember. The nightly dance parties that happen after the door closes for the final time, the embarrassing amount of pizzas consumed and the delirious giggle-fests that result after hours of Rush parties in the house are the memories that I'll never forget. 

The Greek system is constantly the focus of many negative comments however I can confidently say that joining Kappa Delta was one of the best decisions I've made since coming to college. I get to be constantly surrounded by strong, beautiful and amazingly confident women on a daily basis. I have had amazing experiences working hands-on with our philanthropies. I am given the opportunity to lead the chapter through my role on council, something I would have never thought I would have taken on as a freshman, but has come to be one of the most rewarding parts of my experience. 


I get the chance to come home to five other KD roommates every night. I'm so lucky to have these ladies in my life who are nothing short of hilarious, beautiful, supportive and inspirational. I have a giant sorority family that loves me no matter what and I know that at the end of the day these relationships that I've made in this house are going to last forever. 

There will always be that element of Greek life that I can never explain. It's more than just formals, swaps, sisterhood events and philanthropies. There's an inexplainable bond that you have with your sisters and you can't truly feel it until you're on the inside. It might be cheesy and it might be cliche but it's true: I love my sorority and I can't imagine my time at school without it. 

What a great weekend it was.

P.S. What do you all think of the Greek system?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Check Out My Interview on Seashells + Sparkles!

A few weeks ago, Rachel over at {Seashells + Sparkles} reached out to me for an interview on her blog and of course I said yes! For one, if you haven't been to her blog you should definitely check it out. She is a relatively new blogger but I love her classic New England style as well as her lifestyle posts! I loved getting to answer some questions for her! She definitely had the best interview questions so far! To check out my answers head on over to her blog or click on {this link to see the interview}!

Here's a little sneak peak at some of my comments!

What inspired you to start Emily and Dot?
Well, I really started Emily and Dot on a whim and essentially as a New Year’s Resolution! I had never been very good at keeping a consistent journal but I think the fact that I’ve tried multiple times really showed that void of some kind of an outlet. I had a bit of a rocky start with only one post, followed then by a two month break, before I started typing again but after I picked it back up I was hooked and E&D has been plugging along ever since!

What is your go-to piece of clothing?
A simple A-line skirt in a bright color! I have way too many of these skirts from J.Crew hanging in my closet but they’re the one thing I know I can throw on and it will be flattering and appropriate for almost any occasion. Spice it up with a pair of wedges or pair it with a baseball tee and you’re good to go! It’s definitely the no-brainer in my closet!

If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would it be? Why?
I would absolutely love to sit down with Tina Fey. Her drive, ambition and humor are so infectious. I think it would be not only empowering but also absolutely hilarious. Maybe one day!

What do you do to relax?
I love taking a night to relax and watch movies. 80’s movies are my favorite! A group of girl friends and some Ben and Jerry’s make it absolutely perfect!

If you could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Navy Converse! I will always swear that they can be worn with every outfit. I love the look of a white t-shirt, rolled jeans and converse but I also love matching them with a formal dress for a night of dancing. They will always be in the corner of my closet!

If you could give one piece of advice to someone interested in blogging, what would it be?
Go for it but make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Don’t go into blogging with lofty goals of immediately making a living or immediately having a million followers. Do it for you. Do it because you enjoy writing little afternoon blurbs or for the creative outlet or for the strong and confident girls you get to meet through the amazing blogger network. Those big milestones will come later but if you’re doing it for grounded reasons, you will gain so much more than you originally thought you could.

Head over to Rachel's blog to check out the interview! I'd love to hear what you all think!


Friday, September 5, 2014

#FridayFinds: Angelina's Dress Tops the Charts!

Angelina Jolie got married on the 20th and her dress absolutely blew me away. Yes, of course she had a designer dress. Versace personally made this gorgeous number for her however, it wasn't the designer label that made it so special. She adorned her seemingly traditional wedding dress with the doodles of her 6 children in Crayola-colored embroidery. This is my favorite wedding personalization I've seen in a while and she pulled it off so effortlessly. I'm now wondering if this colorful embellishment is going to be popping up in more weddings around the country. I'm definitely a fan, keep it coming!

I'm absolutely loving Angelina's wedding dress choice. What do you all think of it?


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Let's Talk About This Internet Scandal

So let's talk about this internet scandal shall we? More than 100 female celebrities have had their personal photographs leaked onto the internet. It's being called one of the largest internet hacks of all time with victims including Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and Kate Upton. So my question is simply:

When is this going to stop?

To begin, these private photos being published around the web is not just a scandal. It's a crime.
However, what truly rattled me about this internet breach is the fact that the links to these private photos are coming up on my Facebook timeline! With online magazines and blogs like Perez Hilton reporting the story with added links, and even uncensored images, the public has had the ability to further share these illegal images and further share in the crime. With people sharing these images it only further perpetuates the surrounding culture of excusable sexual harassment.

Seeking out these photos, and additionally sharing, these links only continues the abuse and victimization of these women and more in the future. Report these links and spread the word. Don't actively seek out these photos just to see what they look like. To take it down to the simplest level: What would you do if these photos were of you? We cannot casually share images like this on websites, magazines and our Facebook profiles and expect this harassment to disappear in the future. Efforts to condemn and stop the spread of crimes like these make a difference.

I hope that all of the women who have been victimized during this attack are appropriately supported by friends, family, fans and the authorities and I sincerely hope that more people take a stand against this inappropriate and inexcusable behavior.

What do you think of this "internet scandal"?


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Just a Little Hump Day Inspo!

Just a little inspiration for this hump day! 

I can't believe that with only my fourth day of classes I am this swamped. I mean, absolutely swamped. I thrive off the energy but (whoo!) they weren't lying when they said Junior year was the busiest! I promise once these initial hectic weeks begin to die down I'll have thoughtful blog posts back up and running! Until then, enjoy this hump day and may the rest of your week be solidly downhill from here!

Time to take down this to-do list and punch today in the face! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Emily's August Faves!

August Favorites

Well another month has flown by and I'm back at it again letting you know my all-time faves from August! I headed to Memphis right in the first week so all of these go-to's are coming to you straight from my Memphis day to day! Let's kick it off!

Hustle Print // I ordered this 8x10 print from an Etsy store {here} as a hint of art and inspiration above my desk. I also ordered a gold foil elephant print and an ink blot print. Can't wait to show you all photos soon!

Stationary // I'm a letter addict and Target stationary is only fueling the fire. Right now they have tons of adorable graphic stationary for only a few dollars. Grab some packs and start your collection. Never underestimate the power of a letter!

Kate Spade Agenda // I honestly have no idea how I would function without this thing by my side. I've only had three classes so far and the whole calendar of September is already covered. Yikes! This one's going to be a go-to for the long haul! If you haven't yet gotten your agenda for this school year I would definitely recommend the Kate Spade. I wrote a post about it {here} if you'd like to read more!

Fossil Wristlet // I finally had to retire my Lilly Pulitzer wristlet that had roughed it through both freshman and sophomore year. (May it rest in peace). I was on the lookout for a carry-all that I could drag from class, to the gym and most importantly, the cafeteria. When I saw this Fossil wristlet on sale I took the plunge. I love the simple style and it holds all of my essentials!

Nautilus Pendant // I got this pendant at the Kappa Delta National Convention this spring and I hadn't actually taken it out of it's box until this fall! With Rush in full swing I've been sporting this necklace under button downs and over tshirts. I love this little reminder of my organization! AOT to any sisters out there!

Maybelline Vivid Lipstick // Okay. This brand is my all-time favorite lipstick. The color is so vibrant and it easily stains your lips for all-day and all-night wear. My favorite shade is this neon red, Vibrant Mandarin. It's always thrown in my Fossil Wristlet. Grab these lipsticks on your grocery run and you'll be glad that you did!

        Did any of my items make your August Favorites? What are you digging right now?!