Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Move-In Playlist!

Ladies, today I'm movin' in! As exciting as it always sounds, the work is always a lot less so. Moving boxes packed way too full, putting together some ikea furniture and positioning the clunky dorm furniture is always hard work! So how do I get through it? Crank some tunes! I put together a playlist that's going to be getting me and my family through this grueling day. All of these songs have a strong beat to keep me productive and positive throughout the day!

You can listen to my playlist {here on Spotify} and download it to play on your big day! Good luck on all of your all's move ins!



  1. American Authors + OneRepublic + The Script = LOVE!! I've been listening to their songs all summer! :)

  2. Yes! That's been the soundtrack to my summer too! I saw those three in concert about a week ago and I've completely fallen in love!