Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Make Your Mornings Count!

I appreciate the days when I can sleep in. I really do, sometime's its exactly what you needed after a hectic week. It can feel so refreshing and rejuvenating however, sleeping in multiple days in a row just ends up making me feel sluggish. On my days off this summer, I've been setting an alarm an hour before my body would naturally wake me up. Spending a little bit of extra time in the morning slowly easing into the day has got me feeling even more refreshed than sleeping until the last possible minute I can.

I've gotten to squeeze all of my little morning staples into that hour so much more efficiently and it really starts my day off on the right foot! As soon as I get up I stay in bed for a few minutes checking the weather and text messages on my phone. I stretch then get out of bed and head to the kitchen where I answer emails with an overflowing bowl of Cheerios in front of me. Getting this out of the way early creates a clean slate for the rest of my day, I know exactly what I need to accomplish and I'm automatically on the ball! Besides emails and some last minute post tweaks I also get a few minutes to scan the web for the news, great sales and cheesy youtube videos before refilling my now empty bowl of Cheerios! The absolute best part of waking up a little earlier than usual is that I'm not rushed! I get leisurely wake up and I'm never scrambling to jump in the shower and get ready. Easing into the day is so underrated!

So read the paper, a magazine or a book and start your day off right! Just a few extra minutes can really make all the difference!



  1. I am with you 100 percent!! In the past week or so I have been making myself get up around 8:30, which makes me feel better about the day. It gives me time to check blogs and social media without it already being noon!

    xoxo, Carrie

    1. Exactly! I hate realizing half of my day has blown by! Thanks for reading!!