Monday, August 25, 2014

Loving the J.Crew New Arrivals!

J.Crew New Arrivals April

Oh my goodness J.Crew has done it again. Their fall New Arrivals are absolutely killing it. I love all the new spins on some classic staples. They have some perfect pieces for your back-to-school wardrobe and I'm already compiling my lust list! Here are some of the items that made the cut!

Graphic Tees //  All about it. I'm really loving the graphic tee & midi skirt look that's going around right now. Super easy to throw together and it's the perfect mixture of casual and chic!

Ruffled Blouses // This is a contrast between some of their more structured pieces this fall but I love the fluttery ruffle sleeves! Throw on a school boy cardigan and you're good for a presentation or just pair it with some white jeans for a night out!

Gingham Button Downs // Staple. What more is there to say?! Grab one in every color!

Mixed Media Sweaters // These sweaters are on the top of my list. I love the simple grey but the mixed fabric gives this old classic a twist. Loving it.

Casual Pants // I am definitely a self-proclaimed skirt addict however their pants are on point this season. I love these Chambray pleated pants and the bright red turner pants. Tuck them into some structured ankle boots or pair it with a chunky heel and one of their graphic tees! I love this laid back look. It just oozes cool!

Classic Crepe Skirts // I love the longer length and easy breeze of this navy skirt. This is a wardrobe investment and you'll be wearing it throughout multiple seasons and trends. This skirt is flattering, classic and an all around good buy!

Excursion Vest // It's about time that I take the plunge to finally get one of these. I lusted over them all last fall and they match any outfit. I think I'll stick to classic navy!

Fancy Footwear // I'm loving the big statements that J.Crew is making with their shoes this spring. They've got simple flats and oxfords in bright patterns and classic, structured flat boots. I've never regretted a J.Crew shoe purchase and this season will be no different!

Accessories // I'm all about hats right now. I love floppy fedoras and J.Crew has a cool selection to choose from. Their muted necklaces make quite the statement and that tote is absolutely to die for.

What are you loving from their newest collection?


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  1. I loved reading this blog post! I'm definitely adding the Excursion vest and gingham button down to my fall shopping list!