Friday, August 15, 2014

#FridayFinds: Remembering Robin Williams

To be honest, I waited a bit to post anything about Robin Williams just because it did shake me up a little bit. I think it's just because he was the first iconic movie star in my lifetime to die. I grew up with Flubber and Hook and I swear I've seen Mrs. Doubtfire so many times I could recite the entire movie line by line. It's just shocking and unfathomable and tragic but the things that this man left us with will keep us laughing forever. He was truly incredible and after listening to so many interviews during this week, I never fully understood his genius until after his death. 

I saw {this article from TIME} floating around my newsfeed over the past couple of days and each of the facts were new to me! The more things I learn about Robin, the more spectacular he gets. Did you know that he performed as a mime outside of the MOMA when he was just starting out?!

Also, check out this video below for some of his best performances!

Robin, you will forever be missed.

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