Monday, August 18, 2014

Dying over Desks!

Here we go again! It's a new year, a new room, and a new desk! Freshman year the one thing I was so excited to decorate was my bed! Picking out the perfect bedding took all summer! Now that I'm rolling into this new school year, the one thing I'm obsessing over is… my desk! Maybe that says a little something about my focus now that it's my Junior year! Nevertheless, now I definitely know what I need in terms of work space and I'm really excited to get crackin'!

My ideal workspace is:
Organized and clear.
Simple and focused.
Inspirational but not cluttered.

I like having a large open desk to work at with all of my binders and textbooks organized neatly. A bright light is definitely a necessity as well as easy access to supplies like pens and pencils! With a different room this year I really want to stray away from the clutter that I kept on the shelves of my dorm desk the past few years. I want everything around me to be solely work. I'm on the lookout for a few prints to have against the wall that spark a little creativity but still keep the space focused and productive.

Here are some of the desks that I've been eyeing over at on Pinterest as my inspiration for this year!

What words would you use to describe your ideal desk?


  1. I've been looking at desk inspiration too! I can't wait to spice up my desk once I get back to college. Thanks for sharing this inspiration :)

  2. I have been loving pinning and looking at some really cute desks recently! I loved all these desks soooo much!!


  3. Hey Emily, I tagged you in the bloggers with class award on my blog! Let me know if you do it :) xo Kate