Friday, August 29, 2014

#FridayFinds: T-Swift Goes Pop?

Yes, I will admit it. I have always been a little critical of Taylor Swift. I think a lot of that stems from the fact that I've never truly bought into the idea that she's a country artist. Otherwise I do like listening to her songs! 22 is the perfect mood for getting ready to go out and I definitely have caught myself dancing around my room to You Belong With Me a few times. T-Swift's newest song, Shake It Off, changed it up a little bit in the fact that it's… wait for it... pop. Nothing country about it, just pure pop and I like it!

It may not be a Mozart classic of any sorts but hey, it's a good song to dance to so I can dig it. I also appreciate the fact that she can joke about the things people say about her. Check out the music video above and see what you think. Besides some cheesy dance moves, I approve.

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? What do you think of her newest single?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Taking the Time to Make Goals

Just like I said in my post yesterday, with a new school year comes a lot of new and exciting things to be happy about. Maybe it's your newly declared major, your sorority is gearing up for Rush, you have the best roommate, a newly stocked closet of back to school clothes or maybe you're simply refreshed after a great summer and ready to get back to the grind! No matter what it is, with all of these fun and exciting things swirling around it's so easy to get distracted from the reason that we actually pay this ridiculous amount in tuition and the reason that we're all here: school. 

I'm guilty of always having too many things on my plate but I truly do strive off that constant hectic energy however with having so many things constantly on my to-do list I need goals and priorities to keep everything in check. I sat down and brainstormed a little bit after the end of my first day of classes and tried to outline what I really wanted out of this semester. Whether you're in college, high school, or even graduated, taking the time to step back is always important. 

I always start first with: What do I want? Then go from there: 
What do I want out of my social life this year?
Out of my academic life? 
Out of my personal health and exercise?
Out of my extra curricular activities? 
Out of my blog? 

I like to split up all of my time commitments and really put them in a box to determine my return on investment. I know it's the business major coming out in me, but I always try to make sure that the time, effort and overall stress that I'm putting into these activities is returning what I want or at least what I need. Last semester did you put too much time into a club and in the end were still unhappy with your results or did you put too much time into a sport that it began to run into your other priorities like school, or even sleep?!

With the start of a new year, it's the perfect time to realign all these things and really start off on the right foot. There's no point in making goals without envisioning some kind of strategy to get there. Determine what you need to change and make that change! With a new year comes a fresh start! Time to get on the ball early! I've posted my goals above my desk as a little extra umph to get me to work harder on my school work and even wrap it up when I know I need to get some sleep! I'm ready to hit this year hard and get back into the groove!

Have you taken the time to outline some goals for your semester? 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Day of Classes!

Oh goodness we're at it again! First day of classes start today! My alarm went off right at 7:00 and I would be lying if I said I had the energy that I did on my first day of freshman year classes. It was rough. Despite my difficulty getting up this morning there are so many things to be excited about for this year. I'm living with a group of my best friends, Rush is gearing up, I am truly passionate about all of my extra-curricular activities that I'm involved in and I'm so excited about my classes. Really! Going into Junior year (WHAT?!) my classes are now focused around what I really do like. Oh the joys of growing old! But Marketing and Management have me pumped for this semester and that's something to be excited about on the first day!

I'm all about being 10 minutes early to class so this post is going to be a little short today because I gotta run! Here's to a great semester ahead!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bloggers with Class Award!

A huge thank you over to Cathleen over at {Classy Cathleen} for nominating me for the Bloggers with Class Award! This award is all about recognizing ladies who exhibit class through their writing, fashion and lifestyle in general! It's also a great way to find and connect with other classy ladies around this blogosphere!

Here are the Rules!
1. If tagged, copy the rules and link back to Classy Cathleen!
2. Recognize the lovely lady who tagged you and link back!
3. Answer the questions attached to the award
4. Tag 5 other bloggers that you think are classy to receive the award as well!

1. What do you think it means to be classy? Being classy is so many things. Yes, it's the way that you dress but also the way that you talk and hold yourself. Classy is poised, conservative and confident. 

2. Who are some of your role models? This may not be a typical answer but definitely my friends. I am surrounded by some amazing and strong women that inspire me daily. I truly don't know what I'd do without them!

3. Who are some of your style icons? I have a lot of people that I look to for different elements of my style. I look to Olivia Palermo and Reese Witherspoon for feminine inspiration but also to Jenna Lyons for pattern and fit mixing and also to Alexa Chung for simple looks that look chic but effortless!

4. Pearls or bows? I always have pearl earrings in however a pearl necklace doesn't always fit my style however, I like simple bow accents on dresses or skirts usually in the form of a sash!

5. Who or what inspires you? I'm constantly inspired by the little things around me whether it's a color combination I see out and about or a quote I catch on my Pinterest timeline. Love the little things!

6. What is your favorite color? This constantly changes but right now I'm digging navy and a bold emerald green!

7. What are some of your favorite pieces that you consider classy? A simple A-line skirt is a must! J.Crew has so tons of these in moderate hem lengths and so many colors! It's definitely my go-to and they are oh so classy!

8. What is your favorite quote? "If you work hard and are kind, amazing things will happen"!

9.Why is it important to have class? Class and poise are a value that is often overlooked today but the confidence and strength that overall class embodies is something we don't need to take for granted. Classy women rule this world! Don't ever think that it's something to be ashamed of!

10. Why did you start your blog? I really started my blog on a whim but I've fallen in love with the creative outlet as well as the amazing opportunities that have sprung from my little afternoon blurbs. I've gotten to meet so many classy ladies along the way that I'm hooked!

Five other ladies that I think deserve this classy award are:
1. Corbin over at The Classy South
2. Caitlin over at Your Typical Prep
3. Marshall over at The Blonde Story
4. Carrie over at Carrie On Blogs
5. Tianna over at Dressed To a Ti

Keep it up classy ladies!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Loving the J.Crew New Arrivals!

J.Crew New Arrivals April

Oh my goodness J.Crew has done it again. Their fall New Arrivals are absolutely killing it. I love all the new spins on some classic staples. They have some perfect pieces for your back-to-school wardrobe and I'm already compiling my lust list! Here are some of the items that made the cut!

Graphic Tees //  All about it. I'm really loving the graphic tee & midi skirt look that's going around right now. Super easy to throw together and it's the perfect mixture of casual and chic!

Ruffled Blouses // This is a contrast between some of their more structured pieces this fall but I love the fluttery ruffle sleeves! Throw on a school boy cardigan and you're good for a presentation or just pair it with some white jeans for a night out!

Gingham Button Downs // Staple. What more is there to say?! Grab one in every color!

Mixed Media Sweaters // These sweaters are on the top of my list. I love the simple grey but the mixed fabric gives this old classic a twist. Loving it.

Casual Pants // I am definitely a self-proclaimed skirt addict however their pants are on point this season. I love these Chambray pleated pants and the bright red turner pants. Tuck them into some structured ankle boots or pair it with a chunky heel and one of their graphic tees! I love this laid back look. It just oozes cool!

Classic Crepe Skirts // I love the longer length and easy breeze of this navy skirt. This is a wardrobe investment and you'll be wearing it throughout multiple seasons and trends. This skirt is flattering, classic and an all around good buy!

Excursion Vest // It's about time that I take the plunge to finally get one of these. I lusted over them all last fall and they match any outfit. I think I'll stick to classic navy!

Fancy Footwear // I'm loving the big statements that J.Crew is making with their shoes this spring. They've got simple flats and oxfords in bright patterns and classic, structured flat boots. I've never regretted a J.Crew shoe purchase and this season will be no different!

Accessories // I'm all about hats right now. I love floppy fedoras and J.Crew has a cool selection to choose from. Their muted necklaces make quite the statement and that tote is absolutely to die for.

What are you loving from their newest collection?


Monday, August 18, 2014

Dying over Desks!

Here we go again! It's a new year, a new room, and a new desk! Freshman year the one thing I was so excited to decorate was my bed! Picking out the perfect bedding took all summer! Now that I'm rolling into this new school year, the one thing I'm obsessing over is… my desk! Maybe that says a little something about my focus now that it's my Junior year! Nevertheless, now I definitely know what I need in terms of work space and I'm really excited to get crackin'!

My ideal workspace is:
Organized and clear.
Simple and focused.
Inspirational but not cluttered.

I like having a large open desk to work at with all of my binders and textbooks organized neatly. A bright light is definitely a necessity as well as easy access to supplies like pens and pencils! With a different room this year I really want to stray away from the clutter that I kept on the shelves of my dorm desk the past few years. I want everything around me to be solely work. I'm on the lookout for a few prints to have against the wall that spark a little creativity but still keep the space focused and productive.

Here are some of the desks that I've been eyeing over at on Pinterest as my inspiration for this year!

What words would you use to describe your ideal desk?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

An Elle Woods Packing Problem!

My goodness… every year I pull an "Elle Woods". I'm serious! I feel like I just have so much stuff here at school! After a summer of packing and unpacking I am Grade A burned out. Most of my dorm room is now neatly in place and, yes the majority is unpacked, but I am needing some serious motivation to finish these last few boxes. Here's to hoping my room is completely unpacked and organized by the end of the weekend!

Hey, a girl can dream.

Friday, August 15, 2014

#FridayFinds: Remembering Robin Williams

To be honest, I waited a bit to post anything about Robin Williams just because it did shake me up a little bit. I think it's just because he was the first iconic movie star in my lifetime to die. I grew up with Flubber and Hook and I swear I've seen Mrs. Doubtfire so many times I could recite the entire movie line by line. It's just shocking and unfathomable and tragic but the things that this man left us with will keep us laughing forever. He was truly incredible and after listening to so many interviews during this week, I never fully understood his genius until after his death. 

I saw {this article from TIME} floating around my newsfeed over the past couple of days and each of the facts were new to me! The more things I learn about Robin, the more spectacular he gets. Did you know that he performed as a mime outside of the MOMA when he was just starting out?!

Also, check out this video below for some of his best performances!

Robin, you will forever be missed.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Searching for the Perfect Wristlet!

So you're leaving the house, you get to the door and you go through the checklist:

1. keys
2. phone
3. ID
4. credit card
5. cash

Got it all? Sometimes it's a struggle after a hectic morning when you're running 10 minutes late but if you forget one of them, it's fatal. My solution? A wristlet. Talk about a go-to. It's definitely on my recommendations for back-to-school purchases, especially for college girls! A wristlet really keeps it all together whether you're throwing it in your backpack for a day of classes or grabbing it to head to the gym! All the necessities, right there, no hassle. Now that's what I'm talking about!

Here are some of the perfect wristlets on my radar for this school year!

Wonderful Wristlets

Which one of these wristlets are you loving?!



Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Plucked From Pinterest 8.14!

Oh I'm at it again! So many bright prints have been flowing down my Pinterest page lately and I'm loving it! Here are some of the magnificent things that have caught my eye lately!

This mix and match bedding is amazing. From the headboard to the ikat pillows to that bedspread. This would be so easy to do and easily brighten any room!

Oh, don't get me started on this dress. This is Emily and Dot perfection. Need!

What a great way to liven up blank wall space. I'm thinking a DIY is in my future and soon!

Tory is my girl. These are simply beauties.

Funfetti cake is my favorite so why didn't I think of this?! Softbatch funfetti sugar cookies are next in the oven. Yum!

What are some of the things that have sparked your interest on Pinterest (*ha) the past few days?!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Move-In Playlist!

Ladies, today I'm movin' in! As exciting as it always sounds, the work is always a lot less so. Moving boxes packed way too full, putting together some ikea furniture and positioning the clunky dorm furniture is always hard work! So how do I get through it? Crank some tunes! I put together a playlist that's going to be getting me and my family through this grueling day. All of these songs have a strong beat to keep me productive and positive throughout the day!

You can listen to my playlist {here on Spotify} and download it to play on your big day! Good luck on all of your all's move ins!


Monday, August 11, 2014

My Mini Gallery Wall!

Finally, finally, finally! I finished my room! In celebration, I thought I'd show you one of my favorite parts, my mini gallery wall! As soon as I knew I was going to be decorating a new room this was on my agenda. I love a good gallery wall and I'm dying for the day I get to decorate an entire wall but for now, this mini gallery will do just perfectly! 

When I first started decorating my room, I opted for a simple bed frame without a headboard so that I could fill the space with some of my favorite photos instead. I think it gave my room a little something different and allows me to showcase some of my favorite memories in a stylized way. Here's an up-close look at some of my picks!

I scoured Michaels, TJ Maxx and HomeGoods to find a lot of different frames at very reasonable prices. The final total was below $100!! I tried to pick frames that would match some of the subtle colors in my bedding with a few staple whites and blacks. Different shapes and sizes really made a difference when it came to deciding on the overall layout. Here's my tip: make sure you have a good mixture of portrait and landscapes so that your gallery wall can really have a lot of variety and look less uniformed!

Most of the photos come from my experience studying abroad like this one of the Louvre! I also mixed in some black and white photos of my friends to put a more personal touch on the wall. 

I tried to mix in some other items to make the gallery a little more interesting. Here are two of my favorite prints from the Rifle Paper Co. and a letter from a friend with our old home address as a memento of the move! 

Here's the final product! What do you think? Are you a fan of gallery walls?


Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Day of Packing Ahead!

Wow I really can't believe this summer is over, and seriously, for me this summer is actually over. Today I'm spending my last day at home packing before I head back off to Memphis for school. It's always a bittersweet feeling and I doubt that will ever truly change but I have to admit, I'm pretty excited to go back! In the meantime, I better get back to packing, I've got a ways to go! Next time I post it will be from Memphis!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

#FridayFinds: The International Best-Dressed List is Out!

*Cue the angels singing, the Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List is out and it is hot! I always love scanning through those glossy pages of VF to see if any of my favorites made the cut. Also, talk about some serious style inspiration! I've got to give it to 'em, Vanity Fair nailed it this year and the list could not have been better curated! Click the link below and catch a glimpse of some of the stars, professionals and royals who made the list! 


Here are some of my favorites from the  2014 Best-Dressed list!

Emma Watson

Emmy Rossum

Cate Blanchett

Lupita Nyong'o

Who were some of your favorites this year?


P.S. In other news!

Check out the new link in my side bar for Corbin's blog {The Classy South}! She has the most adorable fashion posts and I absolutely love her blog layout! Click on over to get some style inspiration!