Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What to Take to a July 4th Cookout!

Don't get me wrong, the week of the year leading up to the 4th is great because of the USA themed music on the radio and the decorated downtown facades but the absolute best part of this great American week has to be the PARTIES! I'm talking about the outside, cutesy cookouts with sparklers and streamers and bunting! Ever since I was a kid this whole week has always been surrounded with grilled food and great friends (along with some colorfully decorated cakes)!

Whether you're throwing your own party this Friday, or simply trying to figure out what extra special red, white and blue something to bring to someone else's, I've pulled together of my few favorite tasty treats from Pinterest to give you a few solutions for your search!

To start off, {here} are some healthy options to tow along with you from cream-filled strawberries to watermelon and feta flags! Yum!!

Next, we're diving into the "not so healthy" but still insanely patriotic dishes that you're just going to have to try! I've never thought about Fourth of July tacos! This list contains everything from cake pops, to candy apples to a fresh salsa! Check it out {here}!

These next few items specifically caught my eye for their sheer deliciousness! I'm already planning on making this cake on Friday. Pictures to come!!

American Flag cookie cake? Yesssss, please!!! {here}

These icebox cookies {here} look so simple yet still so classic! They'd be the perfect thing to throw together as you're getting ready for the barbecue!

Last but not least, what better to wash down a stars and stripes iced cake than a cold and juicy sangria? {This} recipe had my mouth watering and it's such a refreshing (both in taste and originality) item to bring to a cookout! You'll have everyone asking for the recipe!

If you're not already, follow me on Pinterest right {here} to see some other party inspiration! All of these recipes have been Emily-approved in the categories of feasibility, festivity and price! Try out any one of these simple sides, desserts or drinks at your July 4th celebration and melt your guests away with something besides that sweltering summer heat! 

Do your July Fourth weeks center around cookouts and do any of these goodies spark your eye?!

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