Monday, July 21, 2014

Surviving Community Showers in College

Community showers were one of the major things that I was dreading when I first came to college. Just everything about it seriously gave me the creeps. Freshman year I was lucky enough to get a suite-style dorm room and live the high life for a year before getting the appalling news sophomore year that I was going to be slumming it in the community stalls. Yuck! As surprised as I am to say this: It really isn't that bad…

In honor of the summer slowing down and all of the new freshmen girls' nerves gearing up I thought I'd put together a few tips on how to survive community showers in college:

1. Shower Shoes! Shower Shoes! Shower Shoes!
I really can't say it enough. I wouldn't want to know the types of bacteria that are on the floors of those showers. Yuck! Make sure shower shoes are on your Back to School checklist because you're going to want them! Old Navy has super cheap flip-flops in a variety of colors. Pick out some cute ones because you're going to be seeing them every day! I switched mine after the first semester in an effort to stay on the safe side!

2. Get a shower caddy!
A shower caddy is another necessity. In my dorm we all keep our toiletries on shelves in the bathroom but we still need something to drag our shampoo from the shelf to the shower! I would recommend getting a cloth shower caddy. I'm not into having to bend down to grab my conditioner! A cloth caddy allows you to hook the handles onto the knobs of the shower and thus, no more bending over! Another tip is to shake the shower caddy before you set it back down for the day. Try to get rid of any excess amounts of water sitting in the bottom in order to prevent the cloth from molding! Toss it in the laundry every once in a while and it'll last all semester!

3. Nice Shampoo is a blessing!
Obviously shampoo is a basic necessity however I have two sets of shampoo that I like to use. I have a daily shampoo that I use during the weekdays. It's for the early mornings so that I can throw it in my hair and wash it out quickly knowing that it is going to get my hair nice and clean in time for that 8 AM class however, when I have a little extra time, usually on the weekends, I use a nicer more expensive shampoo. On a college kid's budget I don't have the money to be paying for Aveda every other week but I can treat myself every once in a while and Sunday mornings are those perfect occasions.

4. Invest in a robe!
After I get out of the shower I hardly ever take the time to really dry myself off. Once I'm done in that community room I scurry out as quickly as possible! This basically means that by the time I get back into my room I'm absolutely freezing! I like to be able to throw on a good quality bath robe or wrap that will soak up some of the extra water while I'm starting to get ready!

5. Microfiber towels = time saver!
These towels are such a lifesaver when I'm running late in the morning! I keep my hair wrapped up in a small microfiber towel for as long as I can while I'm picking out clothes and putting on makeup. I know the rule that you're supposed to put your makeup on last but I try to squeeze out any extra minutes I can to let my hair dry on it's own!

6. High quality towels are worth it!
I thought my mother was totally insane when she insisted on buying me five bath towels for my room but I am so thankful that she did. It allows me, more or less, to use a different towel every day. There's nothing worse than having to dry off with a damp, mildew-y towel! Lots of stores have discounts on towel sets starting in July so take your time and pick out ones you like. Check the quality to make sure they will stand up in those industrial washer and dryers at school! Also remember to get one long enough that will keep you covered and confident when you're walking through the halls of your co-ed dorm to your room!

7. Pump up the heat!
This is a personal tip that made my early mornings much more bearable! Every morning I would turn the heat up in my room right before I headed off to the showers. By the time I showered, got out and took the hall-and-a-half trek back to my room through the icy hallways I was welcomed into a semi-toasty room! If you can control the temperature in your room look into doing this!

8. Makeup remover. Trust me.
Here's another tip I learned from experience! Use a bit of makeup remover before you jump in the shower. I once spent 10 minutes talking to a girl in the hallway after I had gotten out of the shower and as soon as I got back to my room and looked in the mirror I found out that I had black makeup dripping all down my face! Needless to say I was absolutely HORRIFIED! Swipe a bit of eye makeup remover across your eyes before you head out into the hall and you'll be glad that you did!

Hope some of these tips will help you out when dealing with those icky community showers! Do you have any tips from your dorm-life experiences?



  1. Luckily I had a suite style dorm my freshman year and I'll have one for sophomore year! But these are great tips in case I end up in the community showers! And vera Bradley has a great shower caddy made out of a plastic-y fabric that is easy to keep clean!


  2. Ahh I haven't seen that. I'll have to check it out! Thanks Hayden!

  3. I avoided bringing my shower caddy into the shower stall with me to prevent it from getting gunk all over it. I used it to carry what I needed from my room to the showers, and would then bring my shampoo, conditioner, soap, and razor into the individual stall. Bar soap containers are a must, as well!