Friday, July 18, 2014

Saturday: What I Packed for a Weekend at the Lake!

           What I Take to the Lake

Whoop whoop the lake weekend has begun! With a little lake water, a good friend and a lot of sun, there's nothing much more that I need! Weekend trips are always a time for the bare necessities. It's all about packing a small bag that will get you through a few days and leaving those five pairs of shoes at home, the running clothes that you know you're not going to use and that unnecessary scarf that you waffled for 45 minutes to bring or not. Spend less time packing and get on the road with only the little things you'll need.

Here's what I packed for the next few days at the lake:

Simple Dress // A simple swing dress that you can throw on over a bathing suit or could wear to dinner! {One, Two, Three}

Easy Tank // Bring a tank that you can throw on after your dip in the water and out to grab a few groceries. {One, Two, Three}

Dry Shorts // Save these shorts from the dock and throw these on around the house or pair them with the tank to run errands. {One, Two, Three}

Wet Shorts // These are the babies you take with you on the boat or to do some hiking around the area. I usually bring two pairs of Nike shorts. One for the boat and an extra for sleeping in! {One, Two, Three}

T-shirt // I pack three t-shirts. One to get wet, one to keep dry and one to sleep in! Sorority formal shirts are usually my go-to! {One, Two, Three}

Swim Suits // Throw two of these in your bag and you're good to go! {One, Two, Three}

Hat // Hats are great to battle windy, lake water hair and to keep some of the sun off your face. Take your pick from different styles! {One, Two, Three}

Sunglasses // Rayban Wayfarers are always the glasses I grab as I head out. I keep them on {croakies} around my neck while on the boat to save myself from any tragedies! {One, Two, Three}

Shoes // Flip flops are key because they transition easily from the boat to a maxi dress but I also usually throw in a pair of Chacos and Sperry's for other lake wear! {One, Two, Three}

Some other things I like to throw in my bag last minute include my PFG, SPF lip balm and a good read! What do you grab when you head out to the lake?



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