Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Plucked from Pinterest

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest! It's a serious addiction of mine {past post here}. Whenever I have some free time (or need quality procrastination) I head on over and start scrolling through the endless supply of style, art, quotes and general inspiration! Here are some of the few things that have caught my eye this past week!

One // I'm absolutely drooling over {this} polka dot dress! It's by a brand I've never heard of but for $16 who cares?! Unfortunately they're out of my size but snatch this up if you're a 2!

Two // I love {these} weavings by Rachel Denbow! They'd be a great addition to a mixed gallery wall!

Three // {This} is such a great idea for nail polish storage! I currently throw all of my Essie's into a makeup bag but this would allow me to display those beautiful white topped colors in a gorgeous way!

Four // Gosh {this} picture makes me want to grow my hair out. I've been watching Mad Men lately and am digging all of these 50's styles of bows and midi skirts. Swooning!

Five // {This} photo is my fantasy right now. That dress. That view. Everything about it has me longing for a vacation to the sea. Hey, a girl can dream!

If you don't already, you should follow me on Pinterest at this {link here}!! You'll be sure to spot a few Emily and Dot posts here and there as well!

Let me know if you liked any of these bits of inspo!


  1. LOVED this! Since you're following me on Pinterest.. You know how much of an addict I am.. haha I love that polka dot dress! I wish it was in my size!!
    Classy Cathleen

    1. Ah me too! It's bookmarked so I can spot (ha!) when they restock it!