Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My June Favorites!!

Yesterday I got tagged by Cathleen over at Classy Cathleen to list my June favorites! I absolutely love her blog (if you haven’t seen it, check it out above!) so of course I will happily oblige! Today’s hump day will take a slight detour from overload of July 4th posts to throw it back to June!

To begin with, it completely slipped my mind that it is now JULY! Obviously the Fourth is this Friday, but jeez has June really flown by without me noticing! I started out June in Paris and it still feels like just yesterday. Crazy how fast the summer flies by! Nevertheless! Here are some of my favorites throughout this past month!

1. Chacos!
If you’ve followed me for a while you would know that my style is fairly classic and preppy – anything but the granola sense that I always thought about these shoes but somehow… they’re my favorites. If I’m wearing Nike shorts there is a 75% chance that these shoes are on my feet, I’ve even styled them (*gasp) with real clothes! I’m not about wearing them with skirts or dresses but I have thrown them on with a bright colored pair of J.Crew chinos and a simple tee or tank and they look perfectly normal! They’ve become my go-to pool and lake shoes this summer and I’m already scouting out another brightly colored pair to add to my closet!

2. LuLuLemon Headbands
Finally, my hair has grown long enough that I can pull it back into a ponytail! Hallelujah! Unfortunately I still have those awkward pieces that hang every which way after the bulk of it is tied back into an elastic. I have always used simple Goody headbands that you can find at Target but without anything wrapping under the pony, half of my hair is out of the elastic in the first half-mile of my run! I went out on a limb and purchased what I initially thought were overpriced headbands from LuluLemon but let me tell you, they freaking work! I’ve always had problems with these types of headbands sliding off the back of my head and these are the first ones that don’t do that! They have small linings of rubber on the back that hold them firmly to your head without pulling your hair so it can stay on as long as you need it to! With so many cute colors these are perfect for those sweaty summer runs when you need to keep all your fly-aways, well, away!

3. Paper Towns
With everyone jumping on the “The Fault in Our Stars” train these past few weeks I picked up another John Green novel that I had heard good things about in order to test the waters. I wouldn’t say that it truly had me on the edge of my seat but it’s a good read to leisurely enjoy by the pool. It’s a story about a nerdy, lovestruck highschool boy who (literally) chases after his too-cool-for-him crush and the turns that this crazy adventure takes makes for a really fun read. The last chapter is truly the kicker and it will really make you think about your hometown!

4. Watercolors
A while back in Memphis I purchased a fairly nice set of watercolors on a snowday just to play around with and later I packed them away in a box never to be seen again for a few months. While I was packing and unpacking my room at home I dusted the little set off and have been trying to do a painting at least every other day. It really is a great creative outlet to settle your mind everyday, no matter how good of an artist you are!

5. Prints!
I am self-proclaimed addict of prints and stationary. With a new bedroom to decorate, I am dead set on having a Pinterest-worthy gallery wall so my print collecting has reached an all-time high. I gathered a few prints in Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels that I am so excited to mat and frame on my freshly painted walls and recently I ordered (way too many) prints and cards from the Rifle Bond Paper Co. I love decorating with quirky little pieces and I can’t wait to show you pictures once the wall is finished!

Did any of your current favorites make this list?


  1. Emily,
    I loved reading your favorites! Thanks for completing the tag:)
    Classy Cathleen

  2. Thanks for tagging me! Loved this idea!