Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Listen to my Poolside Playlist!

This summer has been a rarity for me simply because of the amount that I've been listening to the radio! I've always been very stubborn about tuning into the Top Hits and I usually prefer sticking to my own specific indie and oldies tracks however... this summer I'm loving it! It's really been all I've listened to! I'm completely shameless in the fact that I've got almost all of the Top 100 songs on my iPod right now and I plug them into the car as soon as I start it up! I've already been caught several times dancing like a fool in my front seat but I really couldn't care less! All of these upbeat pop songs put me in such a good mood and definitely vamp up my pool day! Here are some of the 15 songs I've picked to relax with poolside. Check out and listen to the complete playlist on my (newly created) Spotify! You can click on the image or the link below to be directed to my picks online!

Hope you guys enjoy some of these tunes!

Let me know what you think!


  1. I love all of these songs! Thanks for sharing:)
    Classy Cathleen

  2. My summer playlist has some of these songs too! 'great minds think alike' haha