Friday, July 25, 2014

Girls Weekend Recap + Random Happy Things!

Originally this post started out as a recap of the girls weekend in Charlotte {post here} however in reviewing the past week there are so many more things that I have to be thankful for as well. So essentially the SparkNotes version of what this post is about is: The little things that made Emily happy over the past few days. Here we go, rewinding to last Friday and… go!

Swedish Hasbeens, hooray!

Quite literally ten minutes before I was heading out the door to leave the mailman rang the doorbell with a package. One of my absolute favorite things in the world is mail so of course I dove right into the box and what was it? Ah! My Swedish Hasbeens. I've been eyeing these sky-high clogs for forever and I finally found these babies for a steal and had to have them.  After clunking around the backyard for a bit (and creating blisters in .5 seconds) I took a few pictures threw them back in the box and hopped in the car on the way to Charlotte!

Hello Lake!

Is a weekend catching up with your best friend you haven't seen in months ever not fun? But seriously, I arrived to Izzy's lake house a little past dinner time and the first stop: queso. From there it was a laid back few days with not great weather but plenty of things to do. It's always good to have one of those friends that even when it's been a while, as soon as you start talking it feels like you picked back up a conversation from yesterday. Tubing, wining and hot-dogging were all great additions to a great view and some great laughs.

Milkshakes from Heaven.

Monday we headed back to her house in Charlotte and spent the day "bopping around town" at the cute little boutiques and awesome restaurants in the city. Before jumping on the highway we grabbed milkshakes from CookOut and let me tell you, they are addicting. I shamelessly grabbed another Oreo shake on my way home and never regretted a sip.

The worst concert photo ever taken

We planned the trip around a Dave Matthews concert that Tuesday. Little fact about Emily: Dave Matthews is my favorite band. The lyrics, the vibe, the dreads, the man himself, I truly could go on for days about this group but I'll save you all. Here's links to my some of my multitude of favorite songs if you're itching to hear more {Ants Marching, Grey Street, Crush}! This is definitely one of the worst photos I've ever taken to remember a concert however it still makes me smile looking at it. I unfortunately cut out the man behind us who jokingly told us he was determined to photo bomb every photo we took (and he succeeded). Oh, happiness is a Dave concert. 

Summer Reading

We said goodbye for a few more weeks and I can't wait to be back! I was greeted at home with a mailbox full of two of my favorite catalogues. Ah the little things. 

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them" Matisse

On the steps up to my summer job, these flowers were growing. Another fact about Emily: the key to my heart is through flowers. Sometimes they can take your breath away or simply put a little pep in your morning. You might have already seen this on my Instagram but if you don't follow me already, check out my personal Instagram {here}!

There's no fun in "Eh"

After work one day this week I stopped into a few stores just to "look around". That's always a funny joke when I end up coming out with a bag from Anthro but I'll blame it on the summer! This sign caught my eye outside of the bookstore. 

Actual Summer Reading

I stopped into Joseph Beth to grab some more books since I've been whizzing through my collection from this summer. I picked up the first book of Emily Giffin, Something Borrowed and I'm probably going to be heading back there today to pick up another one of hers. My summer books are sure to show up in a post shortly! Stay tuned for that!

Hope you liked checking out some of the little things that made me smile this week. Hope yours was equally as enjoyable! What made you smile this week?


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