Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Girls Weekend Ahead!

Eeep! I am so so so excited for this weekend! Tomorrow, I am heading off to visit my best friend in Charlotte, NC and I am pumped! I've definitely had some separation anxiety as both of us have been on opposite sides of the world this summer! Literally! While I was in Belgium, she was in Buenos Aires living it up! I can't wait for stories, sunsets and a lot of lake time to catch up! 

Izzy and I met at one of our sorority formals second semester freshmen year and bonded over the fact that we both had long distance boyfriends. Starting sophomore year we were basically inseparable and I can't imagine college without this chica! She only allowed me to mention her on my blog if I made her sound cool so here it goes:

{A little bit about Izzy}
* She's from Charlotte, NC
* She's an Anthro/Soc major with a killer internship this summer
* She's got a closet full of Anthropologie that will make any girl swoon
* She's quite the fireball on the dance floor
* She's got a knack for finding the best restaurants in the city

So for the girls weekend: On the agenda so far is laking, swimming, tanning, shopping, eating and Dave Matthews-ing. I really can't wait. Photos to come on our adventures! 

Ahh weekend get aways are the best! Have you taken any weekend trips this summer to see a friend? Do you have any planned?

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