Thursday, July 24, 2014

Friday Finds: Blake Lively is the Best!

If you know me you'd know that I am a Gossip Girl addict. (And that's an understatement...) Blair Waldorf has been my spirit animal since high school but her blonde sidekick Serena always had me drooling over that Upper East side confidence. Gosh she's just so cool both on and off the show! Blake Lively has that it factor. She oozes easy elegance and so much charisma.

She recently sat down with Vogue to answer 73 snap questions and it made me fall in love with her even more. She answered everything from favorite holidays, to her fashion icons and decorates cupcakes while she's at it. Sold yet? In 6 short minutes you hear about her mom bringing a child home from a yard sale and she shows off some amazing "everlasting gobstoppers" pumps. Killer.

I'm telling you, I'm obsessed. Take five (or six in this case) and swoon over Blake in this adorable interview. If you didn't love her already at the beginning, I'm sure you will by the end!

Also on this lovely Friday I'm unveiling a little bit of exciting news in the life of Emily and Dot! I recently got invited to be a part of the HerCampus Blogger Network and I am super super excited! It's such a great opportunity to connect with bloggers around the country! I'm having a great time seeing where my little corner of the web is taking me. Thanks so much HCBN for this next step!

Happy, happy Friday!


  1. I just love Blake Lively! She's amazing! And I'm (recently) a part of the HCBN, too! I'm so excited to get to connect with everyone!

    1. Well congrats to you too Hayden! It's so exciting!!