Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Emily's July Favorites!!

I really can't believe it's the last day of July. To say that this month absolutely flew by is such an understatement. Fortunately, I can say that I squeezed so much into this rapid month and I definitely feel like I got the best of it (such a great feeling). Also looking back, I have some favorites that really stood out to me!

White & Eyelet // I swear every other piece of clothing I have bought this summer has been either white or eyelet or both like {this J.Crew shirt}! A simple white shirt on top of denim jeans or cutoffs just feels  so simply chic and the eyelet puts such a sweet spin on the whole look! I hope this trend sticks around forever! Although it's a little summery, I'm hoping to stretch out these white shirts into the fall season with some darker sweaters and cords. Post to come!

Summertime Shower Gel // This one might seem a little random but, oh well! I've always thought that fruity shower gel was essentially useless in comparison to any general body wash that you could buy on the shelves of Target but boy was I wrong! A few weeks ago while I was on a citrus soap haul at Bath and Body Works I threw this {Hello Sunshine Shower Gel} in my bag right before I checked out. What a great decision it was! I'm in love with this stuff! I definitely have an addiction to citrus smells and this shower gel makes me feel so fresh and clean when I step out of the shower. And yes, I said it clean. I now take back all of my assumptions about shower gel, I'm hooked to this stuff!

iPod Nano // The iPod Nano that I have a now is a super old school 6th generation which is the exact same shape as the new iPod shuffle except with a teeny-tiny touch screen. The reason this is in my July favorites is because my running addiction has been at an all time high recently and I can't go anywhere without this little guy attached to me. Literally! My iPod, as well as the iPod shuffle, has a clip in the back of it so that it easily attaches to your running bra or shorts and you don't have to carry around a clunky phone to hear your music. It also has Nike+ already programmed so your workout time, pace,  route and calories burned is all recorded! I love this little gadget and if you want the similar {iPod shuffle} it's only $50. If you love having music on your workouts, take the plunge and treat yourself!

Softlips //  Let's be serious, Softlips could be on my favorites every month but in July when the southern heat is really raging it's a must. Sunburned and chapped lips are the worst. I keep these in my purse, pencil case, desk drawer, everywhere! I was never a chapstick person until I found these. This brand is never gunky and I can hardly feel it on my lips. One secret tip of mine is that I always slip a layer under my lipstick to keep my lips moisturized all day long under that dehydrating color!

Emily Giffin // I can't say enough about these books. Besides running, I've also been on a reading kick! Summer is the perfect time to get in any of those books that have been sitting on your reading list for months. All of my friends have at least one Emily Giffin book sitting on their bookshelf at home so I picked up her first book, {Something Borrowed}, and read it in a day. A day! They're so easy to read and I promise you, you won't put it down! They're the perfect book to read by the pool or laying out on the beach. I'm already on to her fourth book in two weeks! Love. Them.

A.J. Morgan Sunnies // It is absolutely horrible that my favorite vintage store is on my route home from work because of the amount of times I decide to just "stop by and look" after I get off. While my pay check is having a little trouble getting all the way home I've picked up some great pieces on my pit stops like {these Titanic sunglasses}! Did I mention they were $12?! Although I picked them up at  a vintage store, they are not actually vintage but they are great quality and have a lot of different quirky frames for a tiny price tag. I like throwing these yellow babies on with a simple white tee and denim shorts to add a pop of color. They have also made the perfect accessory at summer concerts! Head over to the {A.J. Morgan Website} and check out more of their cute and reasonable sunnies!

What do you think of these July favorites? Did anything similar make your list this month?


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