Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Anthropologie Sales Picks

So, Anthropologie. I have absolutely no idea what it is about this store but it truly has magical powers. Besides the alien geniuses behind their window displays,  their ability to maintain a constant smell of your dream apartment or how they manage to find employees that are all a size -4, I will never understand how this store also always creeps onto my errands list. I'm serious. I'll have twenty things to do that day and somehow, "stop by Anthro" is scribbled on the list. Maybe it's their strategic placement next to Target or my lack of self control with hand-embroidered dresses, I'm not entirely sure, however, I do know I'm addicted.

*Cue the phrase: "Hi, I'm Emily and I'm addicted to Anthropologie."

Unfortunately, as a college girl with a not-so-Anthro-budget, this addiction is hardly ever completely exploited. I can dig the dresses, the necklaces and the hand-dyed sheets from a buddhist monk in Thailand but the problem is my bank account does exactly that too, dig.  So when the holy day of obligation rolls around, their Summer Tag Sale, you bet I'm there. And guess what? It's going on now! Ahh!

I'm telling you, walking into the store with almost the entire floor covered in sales racks is a definite day-maker. Also, the fact that you merely "stumble upon the sales racks" in this case as opposed to making a straight bee line to the sales room makes you feel a little bit less ashamed about your lowly college girl economic status.

But let me tell you, they've got some great stuff! Also, it's all in season! I ended up walking out yesterday with a bag stuffed with clothes, light last weeks pay check, but a spring in my step. I put some of my sales picks below from the website. I tried on the dotted ruffle sleeved blouse but unfortunately it was not as cute on me as it was the model. Of the photos below I came out with the Throughway Tank, or two, whoops! They fit so great and they'll easily transition into fall with a sweater or blazer! Also, retail therapy is a good thing. So splurge a little, it's summer!

            Anthro Sale Picks 6.24

Anyone else finding some gems at Anthro this week?




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