Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Enjoy the Little Things

You know those perfectly mundane and understatedly comforting errand days? Well today was one of those days. The kind of days where you have a check list of about five non-hectic errands to run and you're just enjoying the music on the radio, the AC is finally at the perfect temperature, the Panera smoothie is on point and one of your favorite stores is 50% off so you throw that on the list of to-do too.   So yes, nothing exciting but just a damn good day and I have absolutely no complaints. We all need to be thrown one of these every once in a while and I'm thankful for this one.

My head's been in a fog for the past few weeks and this just needs to go. I've always been about enjoying the little things and it's time for that attitude to come back. Today there were a lot of little things. It's getting to see your parents before they hurry off to work. Picking up the new pool pass with a spring in your step. Spending all day in the bookstore searching for the next summer read then getting to your doctor's appointment 30 minutes early just so you can crack it open. It's having that Panera smoothie that's on point then finding out it's 120 calories *ZING and it's spending a fairly relaxing day with your brother listening to cheesy girl ballads. Oh and did I mention the 50% off is at Anthropologie? Cherry. On. Top.

So yeah, today's been good (minus the absolute hit to my bank account the last stop was) but everyday should be this good. And even if it's not, perspective is everything. It's time to get out of this fog and enjoy the little things again. Life is good if you want it to be.


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