Thursday, June 26, 2014

el-o-quent: adj.

Do you remember in elementary school when you would have a "word of the day" and all day you'd have to try to fit this new word into every sentence you possibly could? Well, I need to work on some words of the day, not as exuberantly (woot) as I did in elementary school but still a little. Maybe it's from spending a month in Europe or maybe it's because I've been reading more lately but I really need to expand my vocabulary past words like "cool", "awesome" and "interesting". Vocabulary can be just as colorful and vibrant as your clothes. Spruce it up!

Above are a few of the words that caught my eye. I'm serious about the "word of the day" thing! I've written them in my calendar and I'm going to work on infusing some of them into my everyday colloquial speech. Why stop when our elementary school vocab homework stops?


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