Sunday, June 29, 2014

Make A Splash on the Fourth!

Woot woot! July 4th is almost here which means sweltering temperatures, roadside sparkler buying and American flag bunting galore! I absolutely love this holiday and it is definitely in the running for my favorite because alongside parades, parties and bomb-pops, the Fourth always turns into a lakeside weekend or simply a weekend spent jamming out to All-American anthems by the pool.

This Friday I will be spending my day poolside at the club in this (unfortunately out of stock) Nanette Lepore swim suit from last year! I did look around for a few Red, White and Blue numbers to sport with my American flag towel and Bruce Springsteen playlist and J.Crew has hit it right on the money! I've never been one for the Stars & Stripes bikini, but if you're the girl that's ready to rock it they made their own classy take on it right here! I was surprised myself!

My favorite July 4th looks from their current swim collection are right below! I'm definitely more of a fan of the subtle hints of the USA and I think you can rock just as much American pride in a navy gingham one-piece as you can with a printed flag on a teeny triangle bikini!

Does anyone else have watery plans this Friday and could you see yourself stylin any of these suits?!

    Make a Splash on the 4th!

Getting so excited!


Happy Sunday!

Hiya guys!

I'm going to be keeping up the usual Sunday day off from the blog however just wanted to give you all a heads up for what's coming in the next week. Of course, with the Fourth just around the corner this next week is going to be all about the U-S-of-A! So enjoy this Sunday and I'll see you back tomorrow with all sorts of Red, White and Blue inspo to last you up until that glorious patriotic day! 

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Celebrate the 4th with ModCloth!

Celebrate the 4th with ModCloth!

A few days ago Amy, one of the ModStylists from ModCloth, reached out to me in celebration of their One Year Anniversary of their Plus Sized Collection and asked if I could style their Coach Tour Dress in Navy Stripes. Given that ModCloth is one of my favorite online go-to's I absolutely couldn't resist! ModCloth is definitely one of my favorites because they take retro inspiration and mix it with modern hemlines and classic silhouettes so that every dress looks amazing on any body type. This dress is a perfect example of that, it would look banging on a size two or a size two xl! As soon as I saw it I immediately thought Fourth of July!

I've been looking for a classic July 4th dress and ladies, I think I found it! With the navy stripes and the nautical-inspired collar this throws it all the way back to 1950's patriotic parades and I am lovin' it! To add some more boom to this firecracker dress I paired it with the espadrille-esque Anchors Sashay Wedges in Red. And, to play a little with the patterns I threw together their Red Polka dot Car Cruise Boogie Sunglasses and the Whatever Floats Your Boat Tote in the anchor print. So cute! To keep with this vintage inspired theme I also included some of ModCloth's beauty products, both their cheek rouge and lip stain in a bright rosy red. This look is a modern and summery take on the classic pinup look that ModCloth knows so so well!

All of these gorgeous products are available at the links below. Aren't you absolutely dying over this Fourth ready dress too?! Check out more of their one-of-a-kind dresses over at and I'm sure you'll fall in love too!



Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Finds: Cara Delevingne Can Sing?!

Yep, you're just as surprised as I was when I first saw this. Cara Delevingne sings! And… she's actually pretty good! I was definitely skeptical until I listened but I've got a newfound respect for this crazy chica!

She's singing as the accompaniment for fellow Brit, Will Heard, on Sun Don't Shine. Cara starts fairly subtle but throughout the song you can hear her confidence grow and really start to hear her come through. Girl's got some chords! It's an easy listening song with a jazzy rhythm and it's already been added to my study playlist.

Start your Friday off smoothly to the tune of Delevingne and enjoy this beautiful day.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

el-o-quent: adj.

Do you remember in elementary school when you would have a "word of the day" and all day you'd have to try to fit this new word into every sentence you possibly could? Well, I need to work on some words of the day, not as exuberantly (woot) as I did in elementary school but still a little. Maybe it's from spending a month in Europe or maybe it's because I've been reading more lately but I really need to expand my vocabulary past words like "cool", "awesome" and "interesting". Vocabulary can be just as colorful and vibrant as your clothes. Spruce it up!

Above are a few of the words that caught my eye. I'm serious about the "word of the day" thing! I've written them in my calendar and I'm going to work on infusing some of them into my everyday colloquial speech. Why stop when our elementary school vocab homework stops?


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Anthropologie Sales Picks

So, Anthropologie. I have absolutely no idea what it is about this store but it truly has magical powers. Besides the alien geniuses behind their window displays,  their ability to maintain a constant smell of your dream apartment or how they manage to find employees that are all a size -4, I will never understand how this store also always creeps onto my errands list. I'm serious. I'll have twenty things to do that day and somehow, "stop by Anthro" is scribbled on the list. Maybe it's their strategic placement next to Target or my lack of self control with hand-embroidered dresses, I'm not entirely sure, however, I do know I'm addicted.

*Cue the phrase: "Hi, I'm Emily and I'm addicted to Anthropologie."

Unfortunately, as a college girl with a not-so-Anthro-budget, this addiction is hardly ever completely exploited. I can dig the dresses, the necklaces and the hand-dyed sheets from a buddhist monk in Thailand but the problem is my bank account does exactly that too, dig.  So when the holy day of obligation rolls around, their Summer Tag Sale, you bet I'm there. And guess what? It's going on now! Ahh!

I'm telling you, walking into the store with almost the entire floor covered in sales racks is a definite day-maker. Also, the fact that you merely "stumble upon the sales racks" in this case as opposed to making a straight bee line to the sales room makes you feel a little bit less ashamed about your lowly college girl economic status.

But let me tell you, they've got some great stuff! Also, it's all in season! I ended up walking out yesterday with a bag stuffed with clothes, light last weeks pay check, but a spring in my step. I put some of my sales picks below from the website. I tried on the dotted ruffle sleeved blouse but unfortunately it was not as cute on me as it was the model. Of the photos below I came out with the Throughway Tank, or two, whoops! They fit so great and they'll easily transition into fall with a sweater or blazer! Also, retail therapy is a good thing. So splurge a little, it's summer!

            Anthro Sale Picks 6.24

Anyone else finding some gems at Anthro this week?




Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Enjoy the Little Things

You know those perfectly mundane and understatedly comforting errand days? Well today was one of those days. The kind of days where you have a check list of about five non-hectic errands to run and you're just enjoying the music on the radio, the AC is finally at the perfect temperature, the Panera smoothie is on point and one of your favorite stores is 50% off so you throw that on the list of to-do too.   So yes, nothing exciting but just a damn good day and I have absolutely no complaints. We all need to be thrown one of these every once in a while and I'm thankful for this one.

My head's been in a fog for the past few weeks and this just needs to go. I've always been about enjoying the little things and it's time for that attitude to come back. Today there were a lot of little things. It's getting to see your parents before they hurry off to work. Picking up the new pool pass with a spring in your step. Spending all day in the bookstore searching for the next summer read then getting to your doctor's appointment 30 minutes early just so you can crack it open. It's having that Panera smoothie that's on point then finding out it's 120 calories *ZING and it's spending a fairly relaxing day with your brother listening to cheesy girl ballads. Oh and did I mention the 50% off is at Anthropologie? Cherry. On. Top.

So yeah, today's been good (minus the absolute hit to my bank account the last stop was) but everyday should be this good. And even if it's not, perspective is everything. It's time to get out of this fog and enjoy the little things again. Life is good if you want it to be.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Hiatus Has to End - I Need Blogging

Wow. It's been a while. For a number of reasons. I finished up the end of finals and between the process of packing, moving and then unpacking my dorm necessities at home I was swamped and my arms were jelly. As soon as I got home from school I began hectically packing for my study abroad program in Europe that I left for only four days after getting home. (Whirlwind). I was then abroad for five weeks traveling across Europe and studying at the University of Antwerpen in Belgium. Since I've been back I've been dealing with the added stress of moving out of my childhood home, working and dealing with some life changes as well.

To be honest, I was done with the blog. The day after my finals I got some shattering news and had nothing positive to say. Europe was the distraction of a lifetime and one that I will never forget. I kept a study abroad blog on my travels (mainly for the sake of my family to keep up) but nonetheless feel free to click on the link. By the time I got back I just didn't want to do it. I wanted to deal with me and focus on some mindless activities to get through a few (understated) rough days.

But I'm writing a post. Why? Well, I typed in the link and looked around this blog, my blog, the one you're reading right here and it brought back a lot of feels. For one, I was surprisingly proud of my little afternoon blurbs and in reading through some of the posts it felt like me. I remember where I was writing those, both physically and emotionally, and there's something nostalgic about that when looking back. In looking forward, there's something soothing about posting. Honestly, it's more of a conversation with myself rather than to readers. Even if it's a post about my favorite Hunter boot colors it still gives me something to do, a place to vent, a place to organize the doodles and dreams that go through my head.

So hey, I'm back.

I like this blog. I like blogging. Even if I do get a little embarrassed that I know my family reads this, even if I do sometimes feel immature in my posts, or caddy or trivial or dread coming up with a new idea - it's good for me. And it'll be good for me to put some words on paper (a computer screen) while I'm dealing with this roller coaster called life.

So to my consistent readers, I do apologize about my hiatus. I do feel loyalty to you all and I'm sorry for the unannounced leave of absence.

And to me, I'm glad to be back. I think in coming back, this blog will become more personal, even more me. But hey, I think it's good. I've been pushed outside of my comfort zone for the past few weeks and I'm trying to find my own path again, me, again. So Emily and Dot might not seem so different but it's coming from a girl who has changed a lot since the last post. Change can be good. Change is good and new perspectives are nothing to be afraid of.

So here's to Emily and Dot and many more days to come,