Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shut it down!

I've gotten into a terrible habit. I'll come back to my room after finishing up my day, put everything way and clean up a bit. I'll go through my nighttime ritual of brushing my teeth, washing my face and crawl into bed. Then what do I do? Pull my laptop onto my lap.

It's so unnecessary. I'll finish up little pieces of homework, answer emails, get on Facebook, look at clothes, play 2048 and other useless things before hitting the hay. I end up draining away minutes and even hours of sleep that I could be getting! Not to mention, this terrible habit has lead to difficulties falling asleep without my computer!

My bed needs to be for sleeping only! No emails, no shopping, no web browsing whatsoever! Separating my relaxation from my work environment is something that I've been trying to do during this finals time and this is a place that I needed to start a long time ago! I need to just shut everything down and shut my eyes.

Anyone else have this terrible habit?

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