Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The whole saying "April showers bring May flowers" is proving to be true this year. I swear it's actually rained every other day! I've been keeping my rain jacket on me at all times in order to combat those random pop up showers and I think I've worn my Hunters for a solid week now! I put together some of my rainy day essentials that I always keep with me on those dreary drizzly days. Here they are!

Rainy Day Essentials

1. A good umbrella.
Maybe this is obvious but a good umbrella is key! I always keep one in my backpack in case of sudden inclement weather and I'm stuck without a jacket! Believe me, it's saved me so many times! I always keep a brightly patterned 'brella to spice up the gloomy damp days. While the "cute factor" is definitely important, it is even more important to find one that is sturdy. There's nothing worse than fighting an umbrella from flipping inside out when it's only slightly windy outside! My current umbrella from J.Crew is definitely up to my standards. So many cute patterns to choose from and it successfully protects me when I'm walking to class in windy and rainy days.

2. Rain Boots
Whether they're Hunters or those trusty pair of galoshes you've had since high school make sure you have a well fitting pair of boots to get you through. I recommend a half size bigger in your rain boots so you can squeeze some thick wool socks in them, my feet always tend to freeze when it's raining! With rain boots I'm all about colors. I truly think that rain boots go with anything, even if they are contrasting patterns or colors, rain boots are such a staple that you can still pull it off!

3. Rain Jacket
I first came to college with this adorable Steve Madden trench rain jacket. It really was so cute, it was bright orange with large black buttons down the front but it lacked a hood. Needless to say when the first storm came through Memphis I was in my car headed to the nearest store to buy myself a more realistic rain coat. I came out with the Marmot and it has probably been one of my best purchases in college yet. Investing in a quality rain coat is well worth the money. Not only is it going to last you for years but a coat with some technology is a good buy. The Marmot has wind breaking qualities, perfect for those brisk storms, but it also has great ventilation with hidden zippers for those muggy humid rains. I chose a neutral black for my rain jacket but I know the next one I buy will be this citrus colored one. That jacket could truly bring a sunny side to a rainy day.

4. Hair Life Savers!
Rainy days and my hair are not friends. I have naturally wavy hair so as soon as there is any hint of humidity in the air, BOOM, it blows up. I'm pretty sure I actually gain a few inches onto my height because of the sheer frizz! I have two ways to combat the nasty effects of rain on my perfectly straightened do! I carry Bumble and Bumble invisible oil with me throughout the day. After my hair has gone through a trek in the rain I just run a dime sized drop through my hair to smooth out the frizz and voila! Perfect again! On the days that nothing is really working, hair ties are the go-to. I'm all about the no-break elastics for keeping your hair strong and sleek!

5. Backpack
A backpack is a personal choice of mine during the rain while I'm at school. I usually carry around a Longchamp le Pliage tote for my books however after one particular experience I'm solely sticking to a closed bag on rainy days. I suffered a soaked laptop and dripping notes after coming out of class to a surprised sudden downpour. By the time I got back to my room across campus my poor Longchamp was soaked and so were all of my belongings inside. A backpack keeps your goodies nice and safe (and dry!) on the inside with enough padding to keep water from getting in. I have a simple LandsEnd backpack from the 8th grade that has stuck with me all this time. I've learned my lesson with Longchamp's and rain and I'm now packing my things up on my back until the sun comes back out!

What are your rainy day essentials?


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