Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I. Am. Exhausted. Absolutely exhausted. I feel like I've been burning the candle at both ends and it's really starting to hit me. Everything is piling up. My days have consistently been spent answering  constant emails, running from end of the year meetings and receptions to cramming for exams and papers. I got out of an exam at 11:30 tonight! I mean seriously?! My bed time is slowly getting pushed back further and further and it's definitely hitting me. I had been great about getting to bed at a reasonable time, waking up early enough to get ready at a relaxing pace and grab a bite to eat in the cafeteria before my first class but boy has that changed! Now I wake up in the morning with enough time to jump in the shower and throw enough concealer on the dark circles under my eyes that keep growing. Ahh the cycle is spiraling!

With only a week left of classes before exams it's not going to get any calmer. Honestly, it's going to get even more hectic! In the midst of this tornado of work that's about to come through it's going to be super important to take some chill pills, naps, Netflix, short walks in the park and occasional Ben and Jerry's breaks. Anything to keep you grounded and sane during finals is a gift from above! During this time I'm, quite literally, scheduling in my time to sleep. I'm so bad about getting to my room and trying to finish up a billion little things before I get in bed. I'm putting a stop to that right now. My room during finals is going to be a place of refuge. That means naps, movies and a general space to breathe. The library can house all my stress these next few weeks! It's important for me to really separate my procrastination and relaxation from my focus and concentration or well, this happens! I'm so terrible about forgetting about me when I'm off trying to get everything else crossed off my to-do list! I need sleep! These black under eye circles are so not attractive and that groggy feeling in the morning is already growing old. Rest is definitely on my agenda even if there are so many other things on there as well. Building up some stamina going into finals week is only going to benefit me in the long run even if I cut nightly study breaks a little short. 

So here I am, starting to schedule my sleep and I couldn't be more shameless.

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