Tuesday, April 29, 2014

On that Finals Grind

     Finals Grinding

The dreaded finals week is finally here. Everyone is buzzing around the library organizing study groups, compiling review sheets and whirring away on laptops. During this week I wake up at 7:00 in the morning. Jump in the shower, get dressed and grab a granola bar before I trek over to the library. I work away until 2:00 at night and then head back to my room where I quickly collapse into my bed. Although finals weeks are hands-down the roughest weeks at school, I've gotten my routine down to a science and after 4 semesters (yikes!) I've learned how to survive.

After a few of these dreadful weeks, I've learned what I need to wear to be productive, the things I need to bring to keep myself focused and in general, sane! Seeing as I'm in the library round the clock I pack everything I need for the day. These days definitely call for backpacks. I usually bring textbooks and binders for 3 classes, if not all of them as well as some of my other essentials including my computer, iPad, agenda and chargers.

To class I like to dress up a little bit in a skirt or a dress but with finals, that goes out the window. It's really all about being comfortable. I've discovered a weird habit about myself that is: whenever I'm really focused on studying I'll pull my legs up in the chair and sit on one of my legs. Not very ladylike in a skirt. I'm pretty sure this stemmed from catholic school uniforms with nike shorts underneath. Anyways, when I know I'm going to be in the library for hours (studying hard enough to sit criss-crossed) I'll wear shorts or leggings. The library always has unpredictable temperatures so I usually am wearing a short sleeved t-shirt and have a hoodie or pullover with me at all times. I also like to kick my shoes off when I'm studying so I'll wear Sperrys or Chacos so that I can easily slide them off... and then back on to grab a coffee!

Apart from the clothes, I always make sure I have my reading glasses with me. Hours of staring at a bright computer screen can really give me a headache! Hair ties are a must. It's the worst when you're trying to study and your hair keeps falling in your face. Remember how the Violet in A Series of Unfortunate Events would always tie her hair back when she was about to invent something? You don't' have to use a red ribbon, but hair ties, headbands and bobby pins are life savers. My last few finals go-tos include the little miscellaneous items that save me from taking trips back to my room. I always bring a water bottle to study. I talked about it in an earlier post {here} but somehow drinking water occasionally provides enough of a split second study break to keep me on track for a while. If it works, I'm not questioning it! I also bring a tube of SoftLips chapstick and a pair of headphones. I always, always do work with headphones in. {here}They really keep me on track and allow me to tune out a lot of the distractions around me!

Everyone has little methods to keeping sane during this hectic week. What are some of your essentials for finals week library studying?



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