Monday, April 7, 2014

My Rites Weekend Recap

This weekend was such a blast. Such. A. Blast. 

I think we all needed a break. Stressful test weeks and hectic schedules were really getting to all of us. The past few days were definitely revitalizing. The weekend centered around concerts and socializing.  We spent the first few hours of the day just sitting in our dorm rooms talking. Catching up with all the girls was definitely needed. I never realize how much studying stands in the way of keeping of up with friends until we get chances to enjoy each others company for a few hours without distractions. Being able to spend time just laughing was one of my favorite parts about the weekend. Later on in the day we headed over the the fraternity porches and mingled with everyone. Knowing so many people is such a positive perk to going to a small school. Socializing with our close-knit community is such a valuable aspect and one of the reasons I chose to come here. With the weather finally warming up, everyone was in high spirits and just genuinely happy to see each other! 

The first day I wore this striped shift ASOS dress. I've totally fallen in love with the store. Until recently I didn't know that they had a US shop but once I scoped it out I've been hooked ever since! I've gotten a few of the swing dresses from the website. They're just so versatile. For one, they're the most comfortable thing you'll ever wear but also you can put a sweater over it, belt it or change up statement necklaces and make it look different every time! Easy dresses that you can just throw on in the morning are a must-have. I like having a few dresses in my closet that are my go-to's when I can't figure out separates options in the morning!

The second day I was a shameless outfit repeater. Hey, Kate Middleton does it, I'm just jumping on that bandwagon too! I wore the same dress that I wore over the summer to a sweltering outdoors concert. I mentioned it in my earlier post {here} The breezy look was definitely what I was going for and the dress keeps me in such a springy upbeat mood! I'm not typically one to splurge on full-priced clothes (especially the ever expensive Free People!) but I think this dress was a great purchase. 

Also, how cool are these glasses! These were my mom's Ray Bans from college! I never had the guts to dust them off and wear them but I decided to try and rock them this weekend. I totally fell in love. I usually only wear Wayfarers because the classic style seems to fit my taste the best but I'm loving the more eccentric frames. I felt like a hippie all day and… I really liked it!

I got to spend some much needed quality time with my sorority sisters over the weekend. Those girls are truly my second family. Although it may sound super cheesy, joining a sorority was one of my best decisions since coming to college. I spent both days with my little (above) and I've got to tell you, she's really the best. It's great to be surrounded by such strong and confident women that share the same values as me. Plus, we have such a great time when we're all together!

Anyways to recap it all, this weekend was great. I'm so lucky to go to a school that can put on an event like Rites of Spring and I'm lucky to go to a school that is so absolutely gorgeous. But most importantly, I'm lucky to have such great friends. This past weekend was one I know I'll always remember even twenty years from now. I honestly didn't have time to be out and about all weekend as far as work is concerned but I think it all goes back to the Tom Petty quote:

"I've learned one thing, and that's to quit worrying about stupid things. You have four years to be irresponsible here, relax. Work is for people with jobs. You'll never remember class time, but you'll remember the time you wasted hanging out with your friends. So stay out late. Go out with your friends on a Tuesday when you have a paper due on Wednesday. Spend money you don't have. Drink 'til sunrise. The work never ends, but college does.” 

So truly happy,

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